How to Have Great Senior Dog Health and Stop Health Problems

When it comes to senior dog health diarrhea and allergies are a common problem. Most dogs will only suffer intermittent bouts of diarrhea throughout their life; however some will seem to have a great deal more trouble than others.

For the most part, diarrhea is a body’s way of disposing of an unsuitable food source as quickly as possible. Though a food source such as commercial canned and kibble dog food that is comprised of putrefied animals, chemicals, additives, denatured proteins and other toxins can hardly be considered suitable, many feed it to their dogs on a daily basis.

Yet once a pet experiences bowel problems, vets will commonly recommend putting the dog on another brand of food. Even though the food comes in a different bag, it is still the chemical laden fodder that is causing the problem to begin with.

As the body relies on the digestive system to process and bring in nutrients for good dog health diarrhea that persists will eventually lead to serious problems. Since the body is unable to absorb water in the food before it is expelled, dehydration and all the serious health problems that come with it are just one of many concerns. Bowel damage can occur as well leading to fatal circumstances if left unchecked.

Since it is a problem of the digestive organs, a veterinarian will likely link the problem to the dog’s diet. However he or she will also likely do so in a way that is relatively off the mark. Many assume it is a lone ingredient in the food that is causing the problem rather than the food itself. Unless a vet is willing to recommend an all natural diet, an owner is looking at long term disease with their dog. Along with a serious decline in dog health diarrhea is likely to continue.

From Puppies to Senior Dog Health Problems One Diet Works Every Time

In order to restore senior dog health issues or get a puppies off the a flying start, only fresh food is 100% effective. This is done by simply returning to the diet nature originally developed the canine’s system to handle. No matter how many millions dog food companies pump into advertising, the fact will always remain that no dog’s system can handle a regular diet of processed cooked foods.

Only raw natural diets allow dogs to draw the enzymes they need to help transport nutrients to the right places. For minor cases of bowel trouble, recovery can take as little as a week. However, as the weeks, months and years roll by after a permanent switch, you will notice that your dog has become the pinnacle of health. Many will want to know what is behind such a shiny coat, great energy, and bright eyes. Vet visits are likely to become once a year occasions with little long term health worries to report.

If commercial foods were truly meant to promote dog health diarrhea, allergies, gum disease, blocked anal glands, ear infections and many other health issues would not be so common. The correct amount of research would go into providing a balanced food source; however, as leading health author Eric Schlosser wrote;

“The current FDA feed rules are primarily concerned with efficiency and utility, not public health. They allow cattle to be fed pigs, pigs to be fed cattle, cattle to be fed poultry, and poultry to be fed cattle. They allow dogs and cats to be fed dogs and cats.”

As rendering plants are a fairly new man-made phenomenon, common sense should clearly state that this is not the type of diet Mother Nature intended her creations to thrive on.

Watch the video below and discover the wonders that great dog diet can perform for your dogs health.

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