How to Stop Dog Diarrhea with Natural Home Remedy

How to Stop Dog Diarrhea As an owner, you want to see an end to your dog’s diarrhea as quickly as possible and so learning how to stop dog diarrhea naturally and fast is something that every dog owner should know – here’s how?

Having a dog with diarrhea is no fun for anyone, least of whom is the dog. You know what it is like to have diarrhea yourself, so you can imagine how much more difficult and unpleasant it must be for your dog who does not have the bathroom convenience that we enjoy.

What Are the Causes Of Dog Diarrhea?

If your dog is suddenly experiencing diarrhea, then you will want to put a little time into determining just what the underlying cause is. At first, you may naturally assume that it has more to do with your diet than anything else, but dogs are like humans in many ways and they can react to stress, food intolerances, and other problems just like we do.

Among the many causes of diarrhea in dogs are:

  1. Food intolerances or allergies
  2. Eating an abundance of human food such as leftovers
  3. A sudden change in their diet
  4. Consumption of a foreign body
  5. Parasites or irritable bowel syndrome
  6. Viral or bacterial infection in the digestive tract
  7. Certain medications and vaccines

What Are the Symptoms Of Diarrhea?

The most obvious sign of diarrhea in a dog is that they suddenly have to go to the bathroom, often a lot more than they normally would. If your dog is unable to control their stool, particularly in your home, or if they appear to be straining when they go to the bathroom, then this can also be another sign.

When your dog has persistent diarrhea, he or she will also experience a number of other symptoms such as fatigue, loss of appetite, dehydration, irritability, and the same kinds of symptoms that we would experience if we were sick, too.

Do You Need To See a Veterinarian?

When your dog is a diarrhea, you probably do not feel like taking him or her in the car to see the veterinarian, but this is often an important time to do so. If your dog diarrhea is persistent, which means that it lasts longer than three days, or there is blood in the stool, then it is vital that they see a veterinarian.

If you do take your dog to veterinarian, it may be a good idea to bring a sample of the stool with you in a plastic bag for analysis. Assuming that your dog does have persistent diarrhea, this should not be much of a problem.

How to Stop Diarrhea in a Dog

Although you should learn how to stop dog diarrhea naturally, unfortunately many people start out by using medications that are prescribed by their veterinarian. While this may be necessary in some instances, if you can choose a dog diarrhea treatment that is natural, you will generally get better results and your dog will recover quicker.

At the first sign of diarrhea in your dog, you should take away their food and make sure that no one else in the home needs them for a period of 24 hours. During this time, make sure that they have as much water as they desire since they will probably be dehydrated.

After 24 hours, you can transition your animal back to a fairly bland diet of half turkey and half puréed pumpkin or sweet potato. Feed a couple of small meals each day for two days by which time things should be back to normal. If by day three things have not returned to normal then it’s time to visit your dogs vet. This unique combination of foods can help to soothe your dog’s stomach and provide them with the nutrition that they need to get back up on their feet. Although some veterinarians may recommend a diet of rice and ground beef, that combination of foods is too high in fat and fiber and can end up making your dog sick.

Should You Change Your Dog’s Diet?

Most experts agree that the best way to stop dog diarrhea at home is to first identify what has caused it initially. In many cases, this will be diet related because many of the processed foods that dogs consume these days are full of complex carbohydrates, high levels of extremely fatty proteins, as well as chemicals, toxins, and ingredients that do not create a healthy diet for your dog.

When you are making changes to your dog’s diet, it is important to do so gradually, preferably over a period of a week or two. Your dog has a very sensitive stomach and sudden changes to their diet can exacerbate diarrhea, even in the sturdiest animal. The addition of Slippery Elm – one teaspoon per 10lb body weight twice daily- to their daily routine can help the transition go a little easier and can also prevent diarrhea from occurring during times of stress, travel, sickness, and basic dietary changes.

The Long Term Cure All That Stops Dog Diarrhea Permanently

Long term, the cure to intermittent or persistent diarrhea is diet change. The chemical additives, carbohydrates and high processing of commercial pet food in cans and packets can play havoc with your dog’s gastrointestinal system. Their body is not set up to deal with the burden of theses un-balanced, processed and artificial ingredients.

Here’s a video I made to show you what your dogs stools should look like and how they will be when you get your dog eating the right diet. The video also helps you to understand why your dog is getting diarrhea in the first place. Watch it now.

Smell Free Dog Poop Here's How

While dogs are surprisingly adaptive to poorly balanced diets filled with non-biologically appropriate ingredients, it’s only a matter of time before their immune system is battered and frayed and begins to break down. This is when disease can take hold and those pesky chronic dog health problems like dog diarrhea become something much greater like cancer of the bowel or renal cancer, two massive killers of dogs today.

The most effective cure all is a biologically appropriate diet for dogs or raw food diet for dogs. Over the years thousands of my customers have sworn by it as they reflect back to me how swiftly their dog has recovered from as many as nine out of ten dog health problems, usually in a matter of weeks. Get my comprehensive free report to discover the whole story and how you can get your dog to ultimate health and you WILL know exactly how to stop dog diarrhea fast.

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Dan is an experienced dog nutrition and home remedy specialist, helping pet parents heal chronic dog health problems with healthier kibble, home cooked and raw food diets and using effective, safer natural home remedies for a healthier, happier and longer lived dog.


  1. I started my dog on a barf diet 3 days ago I fasted him 24hrs b4 starting with one chicken wing cut in 2 first piece at 4pm next at 8pm, that morning had diarrhea with bone fragments, 2nd day I did the same that morning had yellowish stool with a drop of blood at end, third day I gave 3 wings, that mornig he had very dark diarrhea, I dont know what to do any more should I stop feeding raw… Please help!!!
    Thank you…

  2. Hi Nick, sounds like you have an older dog that’s spent a long time on kibbles and their gastro intestinal tract is very sensitive, hence the problems.

    It’s not possible to start like this for reasons I won’t go into now. Your going to have to move slowly, maybe even see a holistic practitioner who understands natural feeding.

    My advice for now is get some raw green tripe and start with that mixed in with the regular food you previously fed. It’s well balanced and great to start your dog off with. Go slowly, try a tripe meal only first, if theres a bad stool, mix it up for a week then try a tripe meal only again.

    See how you go and contact me again in a couple of weeks (using the contact page)

    All the best, dan.

  3. This is very helpful thank you so much. Is it possible the older the dog gets the more likely they are to have diarrhea? I was just wondering this because of the problems I am having with my older dog. If you could respond to this comment I would appreciate it very much. The more posts like this I can read and learn about dogs the better I will be.

  4. When a dog gets the runs, it can be so annoying because you can watch your carpet get stained without notice. Or you could suddenly find yourself having to get your hands dirty when you have to wipe your dog’s excrement. It is so annoying. Even though you love your pet, it can be a frustrating thing when your pet gets a case of the runs. And it could be your fault due to neglect.

  5. Hi Laura, yes it can be a messy buisiness and most dogs out there get the runs most weeks but their owners think that’s normal!

  6. Thanks Jose, yes it is. Thier system is constantly being worn down and the lining of the gut wall becomes more and more inflamed leading to IBS, leaky gut and bowel cancer. Fresh food for dogs is benign and regenerative. Senior dogs need fresh food more than ever.

  7. Recently, my dog was angry that I was paying attention to my female rescue dog). He had just been outside, but since it had been raining, and he can’t stand to get wet, he evidently didn’t poop while out there. He barked at me when I was playing with my rescue dog, and then proceeded to poop in the dining room. Not a whole pile, not accidental diarrhea, not a “whoops-champagne-cork blow-out.” But a premeditated, intentional turd. It was a statement. Or is he just sick?

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