How to Avoid Dog Health Issues by Breed

dog health issues by breedWhen searching for the perfect canine companion, listings of dog health issues by breed are fairly common.

When considering a Boxer, there is often a warning to prepare for heart problems and epilepsy. If one is considering a Shih Tzu, knee problems and kidney problems head the top of the list. Those opting for large breed dogs will commonly be warned of arthritis and hip dysplasia, while those interested in small breeds are cautioned of skin maladies.

The First Dog Health Issue – Diet

However, you have to wonder how much of this can actually be breed related; especially when the vast majority of dogs are fed a diet of chemical laden commercial dog food and ninety percent of all dog health problems are diet related.

Studies have shown that regardless of dog breed health problems:

  • One in five in the population of dogs suffers from arthritis in the United States alone.
  • Twenty seven percent of all dogs suffer from allergies that lead to scratching and ear infections.
  • Periodontal problems are the most widespread medical condition seen in pets.
  • One in four dogs the world over are obese (National Research Council).
  • Fifty percent of all dogs over the age of ten years old will have developed cancer.

Our Dogs Need Fresh Food in Thier Diet For Life Long Health

The make-up of commercial dog foods is not only a wide range of rendered spoiled waste products but a number of chemical toxins as well. Dead, disabled, diseased and dying animals and any drugs or antibiotics they may have been pumped with before expiring have been proven to survive the rendering process. Knowing that the overuse of chemicals and antibiotics leads to an eventual breakdown of immune systems, it is obvious as to why there are so many dog breed health problems. Without the adequate nutrients to rebuild and heal themselves, it is almost a given to experience dental problems, skin rashes, arthritis, heart murmurs, cataracts, various allergies, cancer and many other recurrent health related illnesses.

We Are Sold Pet Food Via a Waste Management System and Being Told It’s Complete and Balanced

Many have been duped into believing and even expecting their dog to come down with an ailment and that there is very little that can be done beyond medicines, surgeries and various therapies. Accepting this viewpoint is what keeps owners from searching for better answers, leaving them trapped in an endless cycle of vet visits, expensive treatments and thousands in vet bills.

A Natural Diet IS Complete and Balanced

With a natural diet, dog health issues by breed become a thing of the past. A wholesome raw diet offers a natural assortment of enzymes and building blocks that any and every dog needs to heal their system properly. The sooner you get your canine companion on the right track, the faster life can balance out to a happy existence that is steady and long term.

What commonly happens on a commercial dog food diet is that the immune system is broken down by chemicals; yet, when the dog is taken to the veterinarian, he or she is given more of the very thing that is breaking down the immune system to begin with. The result is a temporary healing followed by a relapse that requires an even stronger medicine or antibiotic. It is a dangerous and, many times, fatally unnecessary cycle. This is not the case with uncooked meat filled with nourishing enzymes.

Dogs Heal Fast With Fresh Food in Their Diet

After switching to a natural diet, dog owners with several different breeds under one roof have been witness to the events of spontaneous healing of dog health problems no matter what the ailment. The health and vitality that comes as a result of such a diet prompts many dog owners to chuck their left over commercial dog food into the garbage, right where it came from.

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What do Dogs Eat to Thrive Not Simply Survive?

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