11 Dog Owners Tell it Like it is on Kibble and Vets

Labrador and Springer SpanielIt’s always interesting to hear what you have to say about regular commercial pet food, pet food companies and vets.

Increasingly today, pet moms and dads are waking up to the fact that to just serve up commercial kibbles to your dog and expect that to be enough is far short of the real nutritional needs our dogs must have to thrive as you’ll discover…

There was a time when dogs were overall much healthier and the statistics on pet diseases today confirm this, as the rate of dog cancer creeps towards the 60% mark, which speaks for itself.

And while there’s no real set figure for diabetes, I can tell you from research and my customers that it is now an epdemic and the link is; dogs spending years consuming a single source of food – kibble.

Feeding your dog kibbles and following your vets advice, a wise choice?

Take note as pet parents across the internet reveal their personal opinions on their awakening to the exposure their beloved pets face when they spend years consuming commercial fast food and following their vets advice.

By C.

After getting fed up with uneducated vets who know nothing about nutrition-and shrug and blame things on “old age” and hand me CRAP Science food which has NEVER healed ONE Of my animals– I sought out some books on dog nutrition…

By Candace D.

I have been a dog owner for six years and had always followed the Vet’s instructions rigorously when it came to feeding and caring for my puppies. Absolutely no table food, stick to the Kirkland brand of kibble, and give rice & chicken broth only when they are sick.

As my puppies have grown, though they are healthy, we have still had vet visits for illness & skin conditions that would pop up every now and then. Last year I started hearing about feeding your dogs a RAW diet and I looked into it a bit but wasn’t convinced that it was something I could undertake at the time.

It wasn’t until we decided to breed our oldest daughter (insert laughter here if you must, but they truly are my children) that I became convinced that kibble was a very unsatisfactory means of supplying our dogs with the proper nutrients for optimal health.

By whatnextstart.

My 4 dogs were driving me crazy with all their itching and scratching. I actually had to wear ear plugs to sleep at night. I felt terrible for them and I didn’t get any answers from the vet.

By Jackie.

My 9-year-old mastiff suffered all his life with scratching, hot spots, and bloating. In addition, he was obese despite numerous “diets” prescribed by the vets (yes, vets…none could help). The elimination diets to find his “allergies” were a complete waste of time and the diet food works only because he wouldn’t eat it…

I think of all the suffering my boy went through and all the money I spent at vets and it makes me sick.

By FloridaGirl.

I love animals… our home is an “animal home”: 2 dogs, 4 cats (1 special-needs cat) and fish. I have always felt that I have provided “the best” for the animals we have taken in and loved. Even so, the recent pet food scare was a serious wake up call. Prior to the scare, I selected only “high-end” foods for our crew. After the scare, I switched to organic foods – thinking that would be a solve all – and started to do more research. And that research was SCARY.

In addition to not trusting pet food sources and supply, I needed to address health issues for two of our gang: one diabetic cat and a Cardigan Welch Corgi who was experiencing allergy and health problems no matter what food we tried. Our Corgi wasn’t even 2 years old, and slowly was developing many health issues: chronic ear infections, skin infections, skin lesions, irritated eyes and ears, no energy, depression, vomiting, malaise (I could go on and on). It kept getting worse.

Our trips to the vet involved treating symptoms, and food trials to address his food allergy. This is when I started to look into a home diet.

I actually am very surprised that many vets still recommend food that clearly is not sound for our pets (even prescription diets were affected by the recall!).

On another interesting note, as a test, I occasionally feed our pets “commercial” food. Without fail every time, one of the animals will continually throw up after eating (never happens with homemade), our cats’ coats and skin start to get flaky and greasy, and our allergy-ridden dog will immediately start showing signs of food allergy – even with high-end organic food.

By Elizabeth J.

After trying more than 10 varities of expensive puppy/dog food I was at my wits end of what to do for my 7 month old lab.She had diarrhea from the day we got her at 3 months old. We had her tested for everything our vet could think that might cause it, but couldn’t find anything.

She had horrible gas and with the last lamb and rice formula food we tried she became lethargic and had to be let out all night long. I finally just decided to try making her food.

By sweetbgirl.

I own 2 jack russells (well one is a cross wth other bits and pieces) and I’ve fed them dry kibble since pups. I was never overly happy with dry biscuits, I know I wouldn’t want to eat them for EVERY meal. I’d listened to previous vets tell me they NEEDED dry food to clean their teeth, only to watch ther teeth get dirty and only get clean again when I added in plaque-off and Dorwests toothpaste. I was told I NEEDED to keep them on fish and potato food for allergies, only to have one of them become seriously allergic to fish (massive vet bill for that one!).

It had got to the stage where I’d put the kibble down and they’d look at it, look at me, check each others bowls out for something better and then resign themselves to eating dry crunchy biscuits, again.

By Clair.

My first dog lived till 15 yrs on my mums cooking in the 70’s. In the 90’s I’ve had another dogs on dried food (coz that’s what you do, they didnt live as long & the dry food was top brands!) I feed my current dog dried food she’s a little over 5 yrs & 2.5 Kg over weight (she is spayed well only her overlies removed not her womb), i spend £70 a month on Top dry 60% meat 40% fruit & veg & shes still hungry…

By amber2.

I have two dogs, one of which has a very sensitive stomach. After spending a fortune at the vets on various tests, which was very stressful for him I was recommended to put him on a well known brand of kibble specially designed for dogs with skin problems and sensitive stomachs.

All improved for a while then he developed horrible patches all down his spine. More tests and medications later he was no better.

By ann.

My dog is almost 10 years old and a jack russell. She has been beset by skin problems and over the past few years a stubborn kilo over weight. We had been buying a very expensive grain free kibble which eased the skin problems although she had been taking Apoquel for several months to stop her itching and scratching.

By Mrs L Lovell.

Next time you open a tin of dog food look at the contents of the food the first item will be the highest percentage of the tins contents & is probably not meat, most tinned dog food contains under 20% meat many contain as low as 4% meat.

If your best friend came to dinner would you feed them something inferior like this? No probably not, so why would you feed it to your loyal pet & family member.

In Conclusion – How Does This Help You and Your Dog?

I read through 200 plus of these pet parents stories and chose the 11 above as the general feelings of the group as a whole. These are my findings:

  • The vast majority of the worlds pet owners fed their dog kibbles – 80+%
  • Vets were often accused of either being useless, clueless, uncaring or rip-offs for taking advantage of the situation and up-selling prescription diets and medications that were expensive and only made the dog feel worse over a short span of time.
  • Vets were expensive and large bills were racked up on tests, special diets and medications.
  • Poor digestive health and allergies were widespread, particularly skin allergies (something the pet owner could clearly see as evidence of ill health).
  • What the pet food marketing message stated was simply not true by the fact that in many instances the opposite happened – kibble cleaning your dogs teeth as one clear example of marketing hype.
  • Without the pet parents actually doing anything themselves to fix the health problems of their dog, nothing would work effectively over time.
  • Pet parents had to come to terms with an industry that was failing them or taking advantage of them and that to change things, they had to independently research better nutritional healthcare for their pets.
  • While some effort was made to start giving something, i.e. fish oil, the vast majority of pet parents were confused by all the choices and therefore did not know how to proceed.
  • Many brands of supplements were dubious in nature, where the main active ingredient was inadequate therefore ineffective or bulked out with fillers of dubious quality – this led to wasting money and rising tensions.

“100% Complete and balanced” means that a food meets minimal theoretical health requirements for the average dog

This is based on six month food trials for six Beagles in a pet food manufacturers lab facility. And usually only testing the manufacturers lead product. And only cheap synthetic vitamin and mineral additives are used to meet this minimum ‘theoretical’ requirement to call it complete and balanced. Dogs need natural vitamins and minerals to make full use of them as the synthetic version goes mostly unrecognised in tye dogs body and past out as concentrated urine – you know this when your dogs pee kills lawn grass, leaving a dead patch!

And that’s how dogs get stones, crystals and urinary tract infections.

Remember: Pet food manufacturers in the US are not required by law to meet any given nutritional requirements, it’s literally by recommendation only!

This means that over time, nutrient and enzyme deficiencies are inevitable from feeding the same food day after day.

Stinky dog kibbleThe clear message is that you as a dog loving parent must be independent of the pet food marketing propaganda. Kibbles while convenient are not “100% complete & balanced” nutrition – another fabrication by the pet food industry and backed up by the vast majority of vets who make healthy commissions selling pet food from their clinics – a clear indication of conflict of interest.

This is the outcome: Your options to improving your dogs health:

  1. Fortify the nutrition in your dogs meals with a combination of supplements and whole food nutritional extras AKA The Healthier Kibble Diet.
  2. Switch diet completely to home cooked food.
  3. Switch diet completely to a raw food diet.

How to Heal Allergies and Boost Your Dogs Health without Changing Diet?

Puppies eating from bowlFor many pet parents wanting to do the best for their dog, cooking home prepared food or starting a raw food diet may not be an option right now for various reasons.

However… here’s the part where I knew I could make a real difference to so many dogs missing key nutrients in their diet and suffering long term health problems that could be avoided.

The simple solution your dog badly needs…

I had someone in the US send me a box full of empty kibble bags to the UK of various pet food brands so I could analyze the contents, draw my conclusions and put together a nutritional supplement plan that would fill in the blanks left by the pet food manufacturers.

When you know all about canine nutrition as I do from many years of research and practice, it makes it easy to spot the holes on the pet food label, even when it’s clearly designed to give as least information as possible. However I’ve been researching human and canine nutrition for 20 years… and I see the pet food marketing tricks, nothing gets passed me any more.

This is why I came up with a long thought out solution to help as many pet parents as possible to boost their dogs nutrition, therefore health, but without changing anything they do now – see option 1 above.

7 Simple Food Supplements and 90 seconds is All it Takes!

I created what I call The 7 Perfect Food Value Supplements Program to heal allergies and other health complaints and boost the health of your dog without changing diet, brand or anything you do now.

It’s the simplest, cheapest and easiest way to get your dog started on the road to better health.

If You Feed Kibble – This is How You Give Your Dog a New Lease of Life

Border CollieThese 7 perfect value food supplements between them create an amazing home remedy solution to most of the chronic health problems your dog could face or maybe facing right now.

Added to your dog’s daily kibble or canned meals, this powerful nutritional combination can provide a health boost that means your dog’s health quickly improves and keeps on improving!

Getting the Right Balance is What Makes the Difference

All seven of these food supplements were carefully chosen to fill in the nutritional blanks left by kibbles. Real whole food based (not cheap synthetic rubbish) balanced fats, vitamins, minerals, fiber, live enzymes and other highly nutritious ingredients round out a powerful nutrition profile that your dog will love eating and greatly benefit from.

Couple with pet dogNot only will you quickly notice the health benefits of adding some or all of these extras to your dog’s meals, they will continue to help protect and prevent chronic health problems going forward.

What this means is a happier more healthy dog, a longer lived dog and less problems for you, especially with veterinary costs and confusion figuring out how to do the best for your dog.

At the end of the day, for pennies and an extra minute or two each day, you’ll boost your dogs health, fix allergies without changing what your feeding now, cut vet visits by half and have a happier, healthier dog, something we all want.

Remember: I’ve made it super simple for you as these 7 super food supplements are simply dropped into your dogs food bowl along with your dogs regular food… it couldn’t be easier.

Click Here now, watch the video and take a look at what every dog in America should be on.

A Simple and Effective Nutrition Plan Without Changing Diet – A Win Win for You and Your Dog

Feed Your Dog Better and you begin healing most of the day to day health problems your dog faces, all without changing diet but by adding certains extras to the kibble meal and that’s it. Your dog simply begins healing from the first meal. By taking back control of your dogs health, you give your pet’s immune system health the valuable support it needs.

Now watch as your dog finds a new lease of life, the relief you’ll feel is amazing!

Some of the benefits your dog receives from the book Feed Your Dog Better include:

  • Watch pesky allergies quickly go into reverse as itching and scratching fade fast, tummy troubles taper down almost overnight while digestion gets back on track.
  • Painful inflammation, sporadic diarrhea, paw scratching ear infections or unsettling skin and coat problems fade fast because the new additions to your dogs food bowl go to work boosting and balancing your dogs immune system.​
  • Now your dogs immune system starts healing health problems making your dog feel healthier, look healthier and behave with more balance and clarity, especially in puppies and seniors.
  • Based on results over 6 years, you’ll cut your vet bill by 50% or better.
  • Tummy troubles begin to clear up from day one! Now watch as your dog processes their food through their digestive system with ease, no mess and no fuss.

You get the full package of a well balanced but very simple nutrition plan plus It’ll mean you really save on veterinary expense while daily improving your dogs health.

Watch the video as I explain why kibble misses the one secret ingredient ALL dogs need and how you change that and heal your dog with changing diet,  Click Here to find out more.

About Dan

Dan is an experienced dog nutrition and home remedy specialist, helping pet parents heal chronic dog health problems with healthier kibble, home cooked and raw food diets and using effective, safer natural home remedies for a healthier, happier and longer lived dog.


  1. Hi
    My Shnauzer is nearly 16 years old and has eaten a raw food diet since she was about 2 years. Just recently she has had a lot of diarrhoea and sickness so we took her to the vet. They gave her anti sickness jab and probiotic paste and advised us not to feed raw for now.
    The problem is that the only food she can keep down is plain Chicken and the raw now gives her diarrhoea so we really don’t know what to do.
    Also as she’s had a lot of teeth removed she finds anything hard/semi hard difficult to eat.
    I really hope you can give us some pointers as we are reluctant to go to the vet again right now
    Many thanks in advance
    Wendy Johnson

  2. Hi Wendy, I’d go with raw green tripe, it’s a wholefood/complete nutrition profile and easy to eat. You buy it frozen ground, here’s an example: Raw paws or here they have tripe patties. And try this discount code 15Tripe. Hopefully your not vaccinating as that will cause auto immune issues. I’d also add in a soil based probiotic such as Protect. Start new foods/supllements slow and small first week. Best of luck with her Wendy.

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