18 Benefits of the Best Quality Dog Food for Puppies

best quality dog foodIn part one I discussed what is the best dog food for puppies, now we turn our attention to the benefits of the best quality dog food for puppies.

What is The Best Quality Dog Food For the Money

The best high quality dog food for puppies will always be the one that comes most naturally to them in the form of fresh raw food. It quickly builds a strong immune system for the puppy which locks in long term health with almost no illness right up into the senior years and saving a  fortune on vet bills.

By feeding a natural raw diet, here are eighteen incredible benefits puppies can look forward to:

  1. A diet that nourishes from the inside out and strengthens the immune system rather than overloading it. A dog then has the ability to fight off many of the illnesses many vets deem fatal.
  2. An accurate balance of proteins, vitamins, minerals and enzymes that promote the proper development of the nervous system and brain function growing puppies need. A healthy nervous system often promotes the health of other systems as well.
  3. A diet that promotes healthy pink gums and white teeth since there no sticky kibble crumbs to nourish plaque and advance rot. A dog will have its own teeth long into their latter years.
  4. A diet that does not send puppies into obesity because of a high grain and sugar content; nor will they experience the other health hazards that stem from obesity.
  5. A diet that does not promote doggy smell since there are no ingredients composed of rancid grease and other wastes. There can even be less in the way of shedding for some breeds.
  6. A diet that has no cancer causing chemicals that result in allergic symptoms. This means puppies do not have to experience skin eruptions, ear infections, eye problems or other common autoimmune disorders.
  7. A distinctly reduced rate of cancer due to ingesting unnatural chemicals that constantly batter a dog’s system and without a doubt break it down.
  8. An end to foul breath, bad gas and unbearably foul stools.
  9. Never having to experience painful plugs, crystals, stones, urinary tract infections and kidney ailments some puppies experience due to being relegated to a dehydrating kibble diet.
  10. Having a system in balance, that will never fall prey to life altering diabetes from highly refined carbohydrates and sugar that are present in large quantities in commercial canned and kibble products.
  11. Never having to experience debilitating heart disease that leads to a shortened life span.
  12. Never having to experience fabled breed related illnesses such as arthritis, heart disease or skin eruptions and similar ailments.
  13.  A balance of proper nutrients that nourishes the skeletal system and cartilage of puppies leading them away from the issue of arthritis, hip dysplasias and luxating patellas as they grow more slowly and with greater agility at an earlier age.
  14. Vet visits that measure far and few between. This is also a benefit for the dog owner who usually pays astronomical vet fees for treatments and medications.
  15. A clear mental state and lack of temperament problems. This makes training issues for puppies much less daunting.
  16. Avoiding problems with blocked anal glands that can become engorged or infected.
  17. A longer lifespan of seventeen to nineteen productive, capable years- as compared to the ten to thirteen years the commercially fed dog is afforded with serious health issues to boot.
  18. A remarkable lack of digestive problems such as diarrhea, vomiting, stomach upset, cramping and other issues puppies encounter as they grow into adulthood.

Feeding a natural diet is not only easy; it paves the way to solid health when you start with a puppy. Unlike full grown dogs, where there is sometimes a need to deprogram them and help them unlearn harmful eating habits, puppies follow their instincts and do what comes naturally- and all the healthy life saving benefits simply follow right along with it.

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