21 Reasons to Choose the Best Holistic Dog Food

best holistic dog foodThere are twenty one reasons why canines fed the best holistic dog food diet will live happier, healthier and longer than their commercially fed counterparts.

What is the Best Holistic Dog Food?

The best holistic dog food is the one that’s as close to it’s raw state as possible with the least amount of processing. If you consider that canned and bagged commercial dog food is highly processed and filled with additives you can appreciate that your dog will at some stage suffer the health consequences.

Just like our human children who need fresh food for best health, so too our dogs need fresh food for best health. We limit – or at least try to limit – the amount of fast food our kids eat so they can have some nutritional balance to their diet. And the need to limit our dogs fast food diet is just as important. Our dogs simply need some fresh food in their diet for better health with far less allergies, periodontal disease, ear infections, arthritis and dog cancer.

Below I set out 21 reasons your dogs is better off on the best holistic dog food – fresh natural raw food. The best holistic dog food brands that come in cans and packets simply cannot replace fresh food for genuine dog health. Here’s why?

  1. It is what the canine was always meant to eat. The digestive system of a dog is expressly designed to assimilate nutrients from a raw food diet.
  2. Their immune system is stronger. Rather than having chemicals that overwhelm the immune system and short it out, the immune system of a holistically fed dog is nourished and boosted.
  3. A raw holistic dog food diet is the only way to get the all enzymes that are absolutely critical to a dog’s good health.
  4. Their diet is brimming with the required nutrients for promoting and stimulating healthy neurological growth and brain function.
  5. There are no cancer causing chemicals to batter, break down and push internal systems out of the harmony of working together.
  6. A holistic dog food diet does not stick to gums and teeth as kibble has been proven to; promoting the plaque that eats away at tooth enamel.
  7. The body and its processes do not starve for nutrients the way they do on cooked commercial food.
  8. A holistic dog food diet is not composed of dead, disabled, diseased and dying feed lot animals and whatever drugs they were pumped with before expiring.
  9. Their holistic dog food diet provides the right balance of vitamins and minerals that builds the skeletal system rather than a concoction of preservatives and additives that strip calcium from bone.
  10. Unlike commercial diets, there is no danger of dealing with a dangerous chemical in a holistic dog food diet added just to up required protein levels so it can be deemed fit for consumption.
  11. A natural raw diet is prepared with the care and health of the canine in mind rather than distributed by a money hungry corporation.
  12. A holistic dog food diet promotes health all the way down to the cellular level rather than breaking down cell structures into rogue cancer causing cells.
  13. After time, dogs can naturally adjust to the right amount of food they need with no formal measurements necessary.
  14. Unlike dehydrating kibble that causes kidney and digestive problems, a holistic dog food diet has the right balance of nutrients and water.
  15. Dogs have more energy on a holistic diet, even formerly unresponsive senior dogs enjoy getting out for exercise.
  16. A dog that has a problem with too much weight can finally drop the pounds and a dog with too little weight can finally gain.
  17. A holistic dog food diet of fresh food fosters metabolic processes rather than suppresses them.
  18. With better nutrients to support and promote brain function, dogs are more alert and have better balanced temperaments.
  19. A holistic dog food diet puts an end to supposed breed related illnesses such as arthritis, heart disease, diabetes, skin problems and other canine maladies.
  20. In addition to working as food, a natural raw diet works as medicine as well meaning dogs can stay off of harsh medications that only end up breaking down their system.
  21. A holistic dog food diet strengthens the immune system which puts an end to chronic or recurring infections that wear on a dog’s quality of life and overall lifespan.

Regardless of the best holistic dog food reviews over the internet, if they don’t include a diet based around raw fresh food for comparrison you now know the truth. Feed your dog fresh raw food for ultimate dog health – nothing beats it.

Watch the video below and discover more about the nature of your dog.

What do Dogs Eat to Thrive Not Simply Survive?

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Dan is an experienced dog nutrition and home remedy specialist, helping pet parents heal chronic dog health problems with healthier kibble, home cooked and raw food diets and using effective, safer natural home remedies for a healthier, happier and longer lived dog.


  1. diane broitman says

    I fed my dog Bench and Fields Holistic kibble and now she has serious pancreatitis disease! Help me! How did this happen? What is the healthiest low fat digestible food I can give her???

  2. Hi Diane, you really want to be feeding a fresh raw food diet for MAXIMUM healing potential. I could go into why but it’s best you simply sign up to the free report which tells you the whole story – it’s on the right side or below any post. I can also help you personally with a plan of action, so let me know if you need further help.

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