How Your Dog Food Diet is Killing Your Dog

Dog food dietIt is now known that 90% of all dog related health problems are directly linked to their dog food diet.

Modern commercial food in cans and packets has led to widespread disease in dogs to the point that 1 in 2 dogs will die of cancer over the age of 10 and that the average age of dogs has nearly halved from 60 years ago!

Natural Dog Food Diet – Still Kept From Public Despite Rising Ill Health

In light of this I wanted to know just how much Google searching is being done by people with dog related health problems. To my sad surprise and I’ve kept score over the last four years, the last six months alone the numbers have doubled and in some cases tripled. These are searches for skin, coat, diarrhea, blood in stools, cancer, diabetes, IBS, paw licking, eczema, allergies, hotspots and the list goes on and on…

The dog food recall in the spring of 2007 did nothing to change the quality of commercial dog food and still the wheels of industry turn out unregulated fodder that bears little resemblance to acceptable dog food despite the rhetoric on the TV ads.

The Homemade Dog Food Diet You Won’t Hear About

In the end it has come down to a confidence game by the giant pet food manufacturers that clear the food waste from human excess and make profit from it with no oversight. It appears that we are easy to deceive, a bit like WMD’s and that our love for our canines can be used against us.

The figures don’t lie and their growing by the day and our dogs are slowly but inexorably falling prey to bad science and trickery. No one is looking out for your dog but you, certainly not government or welfare agencies or the canine medical establishment or the drug manufactures, you are simply on your own to defend your companion against the might of industry who’s sol aim is profit without redress as your dog is merely a commodity by law.

If you read other posts on this site you will soon get the picture, its loud and clear and as such begs of your willingness to to be open minded enough to see the cold light of day and reconsider that what you give that most precious member of your family for dinner is going to one day end in tears. This is no idle conjecture just the plain facts from years of detailed research and laid bare for all to see.

A Raw Dog Food Diet Heals, Strengthens and Creates Wellbeing

The free report on the right will spell it out and when at last you sit their wondering in disbelief, I will be there to help and offer my solemn vowel that I will do all that is in my power to heal, rebuild and set free the potential to be the canine athlete your dog was always meant to be.

Mother Nature gave us the dog, a true and trusted friend if ever there was one. Let us follow her wisdom and look after our friend as she intended, then and only then will we truly bath in the sunset glow of understanding and the satisfaction that our canine companion is truly well fed and living out his full potential by our side.

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The Healthiest Dog Food in the World
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Dan is an experienced dog nutrition and home remedy specialist, helping pet parents heal chronic dog health problems with healthier kibble, home cooked and raw food diets and using effective, safer natural home remedies for a healthier, happier and longer lived dog.


  1. I am starting to believe that dog food is not as good as it claims. One of my dog’s went into kidney failure and the vet wanted to do so many things. But one of the things he stated was to change the dogs diet. We got him off that dog food and on to some better stuff. Within two weeks she did not have any kidney or problems at all.

  2. Hi and welcome to the blog. This is how unfortunately most people start to realise the ‘true’ potential of diet change. The kidneys take a battering from the chemicals in canned and kibble dog food.
    For recovery to be complete make sure the diet is fresh uncooked meats on the bone, Good luck with your dog.

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