Best Weight Loss Dog Food-Couch Potato to Canine Athlete in Weeks

weight loss dog foodOne Man’s Story About His Fat Dog Named Ripley

Don’t ever mention it to Ripley, but I used to be ashamed of my fat dog. It’s not that I’m shallow; it’s just that when I got him as a puppy, I envisioned a healthy trim dog and endless romps in the park. What I ended up with was a portly fellow that could hardly manage a walk around the block.

I Tried The Best Weight Loss Dog Food…

In a stroke of what would seem common sense, I upped his exercise and switched him to weight loss dog food. Months later, nothing had changed.

Fearing something was wrong, I finally took Ripley to the vet who ran a bunch of expensive tests that told me everything that was wrong but not why. The vet blamed not only my canine companion’s breed but poor bloodlines and even luck of the draw. If that was the case, what else could I do?

I’ll say it was loyalty to my good friend that compelled me to find my own answers but it was also the strong desire to avoid the endless stream of vet bills I could already see coming. Either way, my search led me to a quote that solved it all:

“Every time a pet trustingly eats another bowl of high sugar pet food, he is being brought that much closer to diabetes, hypoglycaemia, overweight, nervousness, cataracts, allergy and death.” -R. Geoffrey Broderick DVM

High sugar? In my dog’s food? Surely, not!

After all, the food my dog had been eating had the word ‘wholesome’ on the package. However, when I checked its ingredients label, I found the very first ingredient was not meat but ground yellow corn. There was also sugar, salt, animal fat, meat by-product and a host of additives and preservatives I couldn’t begin to pronounce.

My poor fat dog! I’d tried the best dog food for weight loss but it’s no secret that eating high carb junk food everyday can cause the human body serious harm so why would it be different for my dog?

In another stroke of common sense, I decided to research truly natural diets for dogs.

I found the only way I was going to get Ripley on the path to wellness was with a fresh raw dog food diet developed naturally for the canine species over millions of years: a diet of raw meat dogs are actually supposed to eat because it’s their health food.

Just 6 Weeks With Real Dog Food for Weight Loss

It is not breed or bloodline but the last 60 years of feeding from bags and cans that has wreaked havoc on canine physiology. Unlike commercial foods that lose their nutrients when they are rendered in a plant with high heat for days on end, raw meat offers live enzymes, unaltered proteins and the correct form of phytochemicals, antioxidants, flavinoids, vitamins and minerals dogs need to stay healthy. Plus, there are no non-nutrients such as preservatives or additives to batter their immune system.

Within six weeks of switching to a healing diet of raw minced meat with bone and organs my fat dog Ripley was no longer fat. Not only that, his diabetes and joint problems also faded away which brought a glorious end to big vet bills.

Each day his system came into balance, so did his health both inside and out. Those visions of romps in the park finally came true. Now I am having trouble keeping up with him!

Watch the video below for more on how to solve obesity with real dog weight loss food.

Dog Obesity-How to Solve Dog Weight Problems Fast

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