Top 18 Symptoms of Dog Diseases and How to Fix Them Fast!

The following are descriptions of eighteen symptoms of common dog diseases that can each be greatly eased and in nearly all cases completely resolved with a change from a regular fast food diet in cans and packets to something altogether more natural. Switching your dog to their natural source of food, the diet they were […]

Dog Allergies Treatment – The Answer Your Dog’s Praying For

When it comes to canine health and dog allergies treatment the answer being sought tends to be in the form of lotions, potions and pills. But unfortunately this leads dog owners further down a blind alley and their dog continues to suffer quiet desperation. Treatment for Dog Allergies – Conventional Allopathic Wisdom This is because […]

Raw Dog Food Diet-How To Stop Dog Health Problems Fast

There are very few things that make sense in the world but a raw dog food diet is a concept that definitely makes sense from top to bottom. It is common knowledge what a lousy diet will do to the human body and many are finding that the same is true for our canine companions. […]

How to Stop Dog Food Allergies for Life in Just 4 Weeks

If there is one canine malady that can wreak a wide range of havoc, it is dog food allergies. Two dogs living in the same household eating the same commercial canned or kibble dog food can come up with totally different allergy symptoms. This often leads pet owners to mistakenly believe that there are two […]

The Deadly Secret Behind the Dog Food Recall

The massive dog food recall of 2007 can be considered the best, yet the very worst thing to happen to pet owners in modern times. Though it was a heartrending event for many, the tragedy finally stirred pet owners to take an honest look at what their dog was eating. It took some time before […]

Dog Has Diarrhea With Blood-How to Stop It Permanently

If there is one area that is a serious topic in dog health it’s when your dog has diarrhea with blood in it. Whether or not diarrhea is accompanied by blood or mucas, even novice dog owners know that this is a sign of serious trouble. Somewhere internally, there may be a rupture that can […]

What Makes Dog Food Nutrition Vital for Great Dog Health

The best understanding of dog food nutrition and how it helps your dog be healthy comes from examining the digestive system of carnivores. Dog Food Nutrition Comparison Between a Carnivore and Herbivore? When comparing this type of digestive system to that of an herbivore, you will see that there are major differences in organ sizes, […]

Which Holistic Dog Food is Healthier and Your Dog Lives Longer?

In truth, holistic dog food is anything but new. It is simply resorting back to what made the canine everything that people have become endeared to. When considering that Mother Nature was able to nourish and help the species thrive over fifteen million years, it is curious as to how anyone justifies a simple seventy […]

The Homemade Dog Food Recipe that Saves Money and its Healthier

Dog owners venturing into natural diets can feel intimidated when searching for their first homemade dog food recipe. Fear not as I have a simple easy starter recipe that’s a complete whole food your dog will love and thrive on. This fear often has more to do with venturing into something new and shaking years […]

My Dog is Sick – Dog Blood in Urine and Other Symptoms

When it comes to the health of your dog blood in urine will raise the alarm bells for any dog owner largely because it is a condition that can signify anything from infection to injury. It is not uncommon for bloody urine to be accompanied by sudden accidents even when the dog has been housetrained […]