The Homemade Dog Food Recipe that Saves Money and its Healthier

homemade dog food recipeDog owners venturing into natural diets can feel intimidated when searching for their first homemade dog food recipe. Fear not as I have a simple easy starter recipe that’s a complete whole food your dog will love and thrive on.

This fear often has more to do with venturing into something new and shaking years of programming that insists dogs must be fed from cans or bags. It hardly takes much time to see that there are many advocates of natural diets for not only dogs but cats and other carnivore pets.

In all reality, the massive pet food recall of 2007 – and consequent dog food recalls – was a cold splash of water in the face of many who had never thought to check pet food ingredient lists. As more people began to take an interest, a wave of pet owners subsequently moved away from commercial pet foods for good.

When the time comes to locate a homemade dog food recipe, those who do the proper amount of research will find there are guidelines for feeding a dog naturally but no hard and fast rules. This is because breeds, weights, metabolisms and other matters of physiology deem there can be no one size fits all solution.

Nonetheless, there are ingredients that are commonly used thanks to their extreme nutritive foundation at a reasonable price. As many natural feeders have joyfully come to find, the diet saves their pet’s health and their pocketbook at the same time.

Healthy Homemade Dog Food recipes – The Basics

For the most part, any type of unspoiled raw meat can be considered a foundation recipe for homemade dog food. This includes organs as well. A dog owner who decides to feed a natural diet can expect to use a recipe base that is half or more of raw meat and organs.

As it is a supremely robust source of canine nutrition, you should expect to become a regular purchaser and handler of raw green tripe. Its value is not only in the well balanced offering of most of the thirty five different proteins, it also contains the very enzymes a dog’s system will need to restore and maintain a natural balance.

Tripe – The Best Place to Start for Balanced Dog Food Nutrition

Tripe is the stomach of animals such as cows, sheep or deer. It should be noted that tripe is common for human consumption, as well; however, humans only consume such organs after they have been bleached. This process makes tripe totally useless for canines as the vital nutrients are essentially destroyed.

Most commonly, one will deal with green tripe for a homemade dog food recipe which is not green in color, but simply an unbleached or untreated stomach. The best way to buy tripe fit for canine consumption is from a raw food supplier who sells frozen servings in proportion to a dog’s appetite. This not only saves money but time as well.

Because of consumer laws and guidelines, green tripe cannot be sold in supermarkets. It can, however, be obtained quite cheaply from butchers. Another money saving option is to inquire with local deer or elk hunters.

Your Dogs Health Will Improve and They Will Begin to Thrive

A homemade dog food diet that contains tripe will allow the dog’s system to make use of the very enzymes it needs to kick the stomach, pancreas and liver into their normal digestive functions. The ability to finally properly transport the right nutrients to the right places can mean a reduction in everything from allergies to arthritis.

Those who are switching their dog to a natural diet for dogs largely comprised of tripe have been known to see improvements in overall health within days or weeks. Dogs suffering very serious ailments have been known to improve markedly in a period of less than six months. This means an end to constant visits to the vet and an end to expensive medications.

As stated by Dr. Tom Lonsdale BVet Med, MRCVS, “Stop feeding junk pet food is the first and best bit of advice I can give you for the benefit of your pet(s)… “

Watch the video below and discover how your dog can thrive not simply survive.

What do Dogs Eat to Thrive Not Simply Survive?

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Dan is an experienced dog nutrition and home remedy specialist, helping pet parents heal chronic dog health problems with healthier kibble, home cooked and raw food diets and using effective, safer natural home remedies for a healthier, happier and longer lived dog.


  1. Hello, how would you prepare the green tripe once obtained? Should i feed my dogs raw pieces of tripe? Or cooked?

  2. Hi Liz,
    With green tripe, as soon as I get it (by delivery 100LB boxed) I immediately stack it all in a dedicated dog food freezer. In terms of preparation, I simply pull a 2LB block out of the freezer, defrost in the kitchen sink in warm water for an hour, then serve-voila!
    Always feed raw to release the amazing nutrient profile this food source contains.

  3. My 10 yr old heeler was just diagnosed with diabetes. I would like to know what her diet should be to avoid be dependent on insulin? She also has lost a lot of weight and needs to beef up.please help.

  4. Hi Tracy, Please get my book first and then you have access to me by email (one to one) and I can provide the best diet for diabetes to help your dog to wellness.

  5. i have four chihuahua’s, spayed, 2yrs – 9yrs old, 5lbs – 8lbs, one male terrier, neutered, 12 lb, 6 yrs old, and male neutered cat, 6lbs, 2yrs old. i want to feed them raw diet. help please, how much , and what portion do i do for each.

  6. Kasey, to get to the point, get my book, it’s 165 pages of everything you want to get your animals onto the diet and keep them amasingly healthy. And i’ll help you by personal email corespondance so it all goes smoothly, sound fair enough.

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