Amazing Raw Food Dogs-Wolf Mountain Sanctuary Video

It is no surprise that we as human beings feed our dogs on commercial canned and kibble dog food. In an age of commercial domination via all media outlets, we as consumers have been lied to so often and with such veracity over many generations that we no longer understand or even comprehend that our […]

How Much Homemade Raw Dog Food to Feed Explained by Raw Food Veteran Dan Scott

Ok, so assuming you are feeding your dog homemade raw dog food but your not sure how much your canine companion needs to eat each day, the first question you need to answer is, how much energy does your dog have? Does he or she literally bounce off the walls, jump up and down, run […]

One BIG Benefit of a Dog Raw Food Diet

The benefits of raw diet for dogs by veteran raw feeder Dan Scott plus 4 vital points you must know to help your dog.

Natural Raw Dog Food Diet For Dogs With Allergies-Your Next Move Answered

I love dogs and nothing pains me more than suffering dogs. With that said, my mission’s to help your dog live a life of rich experience, love, fun and boundaries. If your not sure on the boundaries part, this is where a dogs world is framed by what he or she can and cannot do. […]

Raw Food Dog Diet – What to Feed Your Dog?

Generally we have a pretty good handle on what to feed our kids, we pretty much know the basics of what constitutes a relatively nutritious meal that our kids will benefit from as they grow. We think about what goes into our kid’s dinner, from an assortment of carbohydrates, vegetables and generally some form of […]

Natural Raw Dog Food for Natures Dogs-An Unquestioned Truth

Natural raw dog food is the living prey animals for whom carnivorous animals in the wild hunt and eat. It is the unquestioned natural staple of their diets, and has been since long before mankind set foot in their territory. By this very definition, what a wild animal eats can be nothing other than its […]

Feeding Dogs Raw Meat Dog Food and You’re Set for Life

Now more than ever, there is a focus on feeding dogs raw meat dog food which is bringing more and more dog owners into the light. Years after recalls of commercial pet food products and the millions of pets sickened and killed worldwide, many dog owners no longer rely on commercial junk foods to feed […]

Feeding Your Dog Raw Food Heals Dog Depression

Just as it is with humans, dog depression is a very real health concern that deserves special attention. Most pet owners have noticed that their canine companion can seem a little blue at times; especially when there has been a major change in the household such as a death or change in routine. However, dogs […]

Australian Cattle Dog Swims 5 miles Through Shark Infested Waters

An Australian cattle dog named ‘Sophie Tucker’ was recently swept overboard in heavy seas off Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. The incredible story began when her owners took the dog with them on a sailing trip off Australia’s north East coast last November. When the incident happened the owners tried desperately to find her, as they […]

Raw Food Diets For Dogs-Miracle Or Myth?

Dog food companies would have you believe that raw food diets for dogs is downright dangerous. If that is the case, just how has the canine species managed to thrive for the past millions of years? Dog food is relatively new product that has only been around for approximately sixty years. How likely is it […]