Australian Cattle Dog Swims 5 miles Through Shark Infested Waters

australian-cattle-dogAn Australian cattle dog named ‘Sophie Tucker’ was recently swept overboard in heavy seas off Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. The incredible story began when her owners took the dog with them on a sailing trip off Australia’s north East coast last November.

When the incident happened the owners tried desperately to find her, as they began circling the spot where she fell off for several hours without success. At this point they gave her up as lost and returned home.

Very much alive and switching to survival mode, her instincts told her to swim in a certain direction which eventually brought her to shore five miles away on a small remote largely uninhabited island.

Australian cattle dogs are known for their ruggedness as a hardy breed which came into full effect as  this much loved house pet reverted to her wild instincts and began to live off the land until rangers finally caught her four months later.

 Pet dog becomes wild dog…

Sophie stayed away from any human contact and simply went “feral” living on her instincts as she reverted to true canine carnivore behavior hunting young wild goats that thrived on the island. Her owner Dave Griffith said “all of a sudden she started to look good and it was when the rangers had found baby goat carcasses, so she started eating baby goats” Keeping herself to herself Dave said “she wouldn’t let anyone go near or touch her. She wouldn’t take food from anybody”

After four months rangers were finally able to trap her. At this point she was very much a ferocious wild animal that could not be touched.

When local news broke that a wild dog had been caught on the island of St Bees the dog’s owners went to meet the ranger’s boat as they came ashore on the mainland with their wild Australian cattle dog in tow.

Suspense turned to tears of delight as this ferocious wild dog started whimpering and crying when her name was called out as the owners Jan and Dave Griffith stood by the cage in total surprise at seeing their loved pet for the first time in four months.

Wild dog becomes pet dog…

At this point it was decided to let her out of the cage. As soon as the door was opened she ran out nearly flattening her owners as she wriggled about in sheer delight at being reunited with her family.

Sophie has since returned seamlessly to domestic life with her family.

This tenacious little Australian cattle dog had shown amazing adaptability to living in the wild and to have swum five nautical miles through shark infested waters was testament to her and the breeds wily nature and hardiness.

Dogs and a Raw Food Dog Diet, Natures Choice…

This heartwarming story reveals to us all the very nature of our companion dog’s whether Bichon or Boxer that  within them they carry their very own wild dog survival instincts. Instincts to travel over land (or sea), instincts to catch, kill and eat wild animals to survive and be healthy every bit as much as any wild canine. We simply have living with us the domesticated version, same biology, and same instincts with the need for food that is unmistakably raw uncooked meat, bone and fat from herbivore animals.

Your cuddly retriever or cute Chihuahua might not be quite that resilient in such extremes but one overriding factor remains, a dog eats natural meat and bone for unparalleled results with longer lived health and vitality with little need for veterinary intervention.

We’ve taken wild dogs over history made them domesticated pets, and bred a multitude of varieties but on the inside they are canine carnivores like their wild counterparts from a million years ago and for real dog health its important they be fed the same way.

Substitute Canned and Kibble for Natural Raw Dog Food…

An altered modern fast food commercial diet with added chemicals is a poor substitute for a real fresh raw dog food diet and has led to astonishingly bad health with a much lower average age for dogs today, and as this incredible  Australian cattle dog Sophie reveals to us, once a pet dog becomes wild they will eat what comes naturally to them.

Watch the short video below and see why fresh dog food helps your dog thrive not simply survive.

What do Dogs Eat to Thrive Not Simply Survive?
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