Feeding Your Dog Raw Food Heals Dog Depression

feeding your dog raw foodJust as it is with humans, dog depression is a very real health concern that deserves special attention.

Most pet owners have noticed that their canine companion can seem a little blue at times; especially when there has been a major change in the household such as a death or change in routine. However, dogs are just as capable of experiencing chemical imbalances in the brain as humans.

When it comes to the health of a loyal canine friend, periods of depression that are long lasting or unexplainable should never go left unchecked.

The most common dog depression symptoms are:

  • lethargy
  • loss of appetite or a drop in weight
  • loss of interest in favorite activities or playthings
  • aggressive or restless behavior

It’s Not Drugs Your Dog Needs to Lift Their State of Mind

More often than not, temperament or other outside factors are blamed for chronic dog depression and treatment usually comes in the form of medications such as Prozac or Valium. While this may seem to offer temporary relief, it really does little to help a dog at all. Treating symptoms of dog depression rather than the underlying cause means the real problem never goes away and pet owners must risk their dog’s health for the possibility of dangerous side effects. In addition, the constant need for medication can be a heavy expense for the budget conscious pet owner.

Feeding Your Dog Raw Food Heals Dog Depression – Here’s Why

It is not an unreasonable objective to get a chemical imbalance under control; in fact, it is quite necessary since dogs will express their anxieties much differently than humans. However, this will never happen as long as a dog is eating a daily regimen of commercial dog food. Aside from the many additives, preservatives and other chemicals found in commercial formulas, countless dog food brands contain such things as BHT, or butylated hydroxytoluene, a chemical found in everything from petroleum products to embalming fluid. BHT is well known for causing behavioral problems in dogs and negatively affecting their disposition.

With these types of chemicals flowing through a dog’s body on a daily basis, it is no wonder that many experience chemical imbalances that result in everything from aggression to dog depression.

As stated by leading dog health author, Ann N. Martin:

“The pet food industry claims that its products constitute a “complete and balanced diet” but, in reality, commercial pet food is unfit for human or animal consumption. One more item that should be added to pet food labels: a skull-and-crossbones insignia!”

The Natural Chemicals in Fresh Raw Dog Food Lift Your Dogs Mood Quicky

Rather than introduce even more chemicals to a dog’s body through medications, an economical and natural option for dog depression can be found in a diet of raw meat and bone. Unlike commercial dog foods that are rife with additives, preservatives and toxic chemicals, raw meat and bone offers healing nutrients that help the canine physiology restore itself. Plus, it contains live enzymes, phytochemicals, antioxidants, flavinoids, vitamins, minerals and a full range of over 35 proteins a dog will miss while on a commercial diet.

Feeding your dog a raw diet means that time after time the dog’s mental outlook has become calmer more balanced and happier simply from this change in diet, as so many pet owners have excitedly remarked. If a loyal canine companion deserves the chance to reach its full potential, then it deserves to be on a natural diet of raw meat and bone.

Watch the video below, discover how a raw food diet for dogs means they can now thrive mentally and physically.

What do Dogs Eat to Thrive Not Simply Survive?

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