Raw Diet Dog Food Nutrition – Save Your Dog’s Life

raw diet dog foodMany dog owners have spent thousands trying to keep their dog well when raw diet dog food nutrition is the true key to preventing, stopping and healing illness and disease.

For decades, dog owners placed their faith in the dog food companies that used certain terminologies, advertising and the backing of vets to promote their product. However, with the rising number of recalls and the massive pet food recall of 2007 that took many pets without warning, it became obvious that dog food companies are a sham.

As many had finally discovered, pet food is not even comprised of ingredients the canine system can assimilate nutrients from.

This lead to a collective light bulb going off as many pet owners began to understand why their dogs were suffering allergies, arthritis, diarrhea, vomiting, heart disease, diabetes, skin rashes, ear infections and much more.

Fast Food is Unhealthy For Kids and Dogs – Here’s Why?

Just like the wrong nutrition can cause terrible problems for humans, terrible canine nutrition was leading to ill health in all breeds of dog. On top of this, many had the vet bills to prove it. While the natural dog raw food diet was what Mother Nature developed the canine species on, it had become forgotten in the tide of convenience that people enjoyed with packaged dog foods. Luckily, it had never really gone away.

There were still those who knew that canine nutrition did not come out of a bag and that there was only one way to help a dog get a long healthy life. Without a natural raw diet to provide the enzymes a dog needs for good health, owners would have to deal with one canine illness after another. These enzymes can only be found in raw foods and all commercial foods were, and still are, cooked and highly procesed.

Along with trying to get what nutrients it could out of a grain based pet food diet, a dog’s system had to put up with being battered and weakened by the vast array of chemicals and additives. It is no wonder so many dogs on commercial dog foods give way to cancer.

How a Raw Dog Food Diet Transforms Dog Health

This is hardly the case with a natural raw diet. A natural raw meat dog food diet mimics the canine nutrition that wolves still eat and thrive on to this day. Since a domesticated dog and a wolf are all but physiologically identical, it is no surprise when a dog owner feeds his or her dog a natural raw food dog diet and sees their dog transform before their very eyes. Allergies disappear, white teeth and gums return, the dog’s coat and skin become unblemished and odor free and the dog presents a vitality no one has ever seen before.

And this may all be from a dog owner who was just looking for a way to get rid of their dog’s recurring ear infections. The ear infections do disappear but then they get a number of extra benefits they didn’t expect as well. Once a dog owner learns about the benefits of simple raw dog food diet recipes, there is by no means any consideration of venturing back to packaged food.

Watch the video below because I want you to be clear on how your dog will thrive not simply survive.

What do Dogs Eat to Thrive Not Simply Survive?

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