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remedies for dog ear infectionWhen it comes to remedies for a dog ear infection, a veterinarian will almost always prescribe antibiotics. Then when the infection shows back up an even stronger antibiotic will likely be recommended. A vet may cite a resistant strain of bacteria as the culprit and once again send a dog and its owner on their way.

While the antibiotic provides temporary relief, unfortunately it is all a dog and its owner have to look forward to. As long as it is the symptoms of an ear infection that is being treated and not the underlying cause, this type of illness has all the invitation it needs to keep coming back time and time again.

This not only wears on a dog and its health, it can also wear on a pet owner’s pocketbook.

So What Are The Natural Home Remedies For Dog Ear Infection?

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Loyal dog owners often want to do what is best for their dog but what happens when the best doesn’t seem to be working? Unfortunately, it is likely a dog will continue to suffer until a pet owner recognizes that 90% of illness is diet related.

As stated by Dr. Tom Lonsdale, BVet Med, MRCVS –

“Long-term exposure to the diet-related toxins leads to disease of body organs. Diseased organs produce more toxins, which enter the bloodstream and add to the spiral of worsening disease.”

What could introduce these diet related toxins?

The answer lies in the cans and bags that millions of dogs get fed from every single day. Regardless of the dog food brand, formula or noble claims, commercial dog foods are a cocktail of additives, preservatives, chemicals and other non nutrients that do nothing more than break down a dog’s immune system. Without the first line of defense known as the immune system in good fighting form, dog owners will always find themselves winning some battles with dog infection but losing the war.

The Most Successful Long Term Remedy For Dog Ear Infection is Fresh Food

Successfully fighting any type of illness will require doing away with a dog food diet for good and switching to a diet containing fresh raw food.

A dog’s physiology can only process nutrients it recognizes and altered nutrients, chemicals and toxins from commercial dog foods will always enter the body as unrecognized. As it tries to fight off these unrecognized components on a daily basis, an overworked immune system finally gives way to dog infection and many other illnesses.

However, the nutrients from a diet with raw ingredients provide whole intact proteins, vitamins and minerals that can be utilized effectively and efficiently. With nothing to batter the immune system, infections, rashes, allergies and other health concerns simply fade away fast.

Our Kids Need Fresh Food for Health and So Do Our Dogs

When fed a diet of fresh food, not only will the immune system get boosted and finally zap a pesky dog infection, pet owners will see their canine companion get a boost in energy. Their coat and gums become healthier, their weight stabilizes and even their disposition benefits from not feeling weighed down by the toxins that used to course through their system.

Best of all, an end to expensive vet visits and pricey medications means pet owners can see a drop in vet bills by up to 85%.

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