Raw Food for Dogs Heals Nine Out Of Ten Dog Health Prolems

Raw Food For DogsA canine that is fed a diet of raw food for dogs is easy to spot. The shiny coat, clear eyes, white teeth and all over vibrancy is an immediate tip off.

It would seem the old adage ‘you are what you eat’ extends to our canine companions as well.

For millions of years, the canine species has thrived on natural diets that kept them healthy and numerous. So much so, that they eventually became plentiful enough to be domesticated by man. Unfortunately, we humans have not done the canine species as great an honor as they have done us lately.

The Simple Truth About Commercial Dog Food

When humans ingest a bad diet over a long period of time, it is no secret that cardiovascular problems, obesity, diabetes and many other disorders become an issue. Dogs can experience these problems as well when being made to exist on packaged rather than raw food for dogs.

Regardless of the advertising dollars spent and manipulative phrases used to promote today’s dog food products as healthful, the simple truth is that dogs will never be able to process any type of cooked food source. Especially one made from dead animals, restaurant waste, leftover rancid chemicals and other horrific extras as is the case with processed commercial pet food.

When speaking of dog food, Dr. Tom Lonsdale BVet Med, MRCVS states

“Junk (dog) food is laden with colorants, preservatives, humectants and a raft of other strange chemical additives-none of which have any nutritive value and all toxic to varying degrees…”

How a Raw Food Diet For Dogs Heals And Strengthens

Owners who feed a diet of raw food for dogs help strengthen the immunity of their pet because, unlike the vast majority of dogs, their food serves as medicine as well as sustenance. With a diet that is laden with chemicals, a dog’s tissues often become damaged while trying to find a way to process the substance. These chemicals and preservatives often end up collecting in the internal organs and ultimately lead to health problems. With the best raw food for dogs on a natural diet, a dog has all he or she needs to replace and put nutrients right where they are needed each day. With no daily deficit to worry about, a dog can only grow healthier and stronger over time.

Manufactured Fast Food Made From Waste and Fortified With Chemicals is Not Dog Food!

With a traditional diet, a dog’s system is already polluted with chemicals from the beginning. Once negative reactions start somewhere in the eyes or kidneys or digestive system, most vets will start a pet on various treatments with antibiotics or other medicines. This further pollutes the system in addition to treating only the symptoms rather than the cause. This means the dog can be sick over and over and over again.

Many owners are often misled into thinking their dog is experiencing separate illnesses when in fact there is only one underlying cause. A diet consisting of raw food for dogs contains no chemicals and works with a dog’s system rather than against it. It helps repair any damages using nutrients the canine system was adeptly designed to handle long before the advent of veterinarian care.

Watch the video below to underline how your dog can thrive not simply survive.

What do Dogs Eat to Thrive Not Simply Survive?
Watch this video on YouTube.

Raw Food Diet for Dogs With Allergies and Other Health Problems

With no additives to break down connective tissues, aggravate nerve cells or cause chronic skin allergies, offering a diet of raw food for dogs means a pet has the necessary building blocks to restore good health each and every day. It is a large reason why owners of dogs on a raw food diet get to enjoy five to seven years more with their companions than those with pets on commercial diet formulas.

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    We would like any book by you that targets Diabetes. He is challenged with several other issues too. Any info on raw foods for his diet to get him to eat would be so much appreciated.

  2. Hi Norma, just get my book and I’ll take care of you by email (i’ll answer your questions 1 to 1) so we can get your dog onto the best diet for diabetes.

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