Natural Effective Treatment of Dogs Diarrhea

French Bulldog lying on verandaDiarrhea can be distressing and will happen at some point in a dog’s life. For the occasional home accidents, here is the most natural solution. Also read on for the treatment of acute diarrhea in dogs.

For the most part, diarrhea and vomiting are nature’s way of allowing the body to cleanse and remove a toxin.

Fasting to help your dog clean out

The very first thing and the most powerful healing method known is fasting. The digestive system has what’s know as a gastrocolic reflex, which empties the colon as the stomach fills.

So avoid giving food and fast your dog for 24 hours on water only. This will give the digestive tract a well deserved rest which in itself is a very healthy thing to do, especially now the liver has a chance to detoxify and reset.

If you have a very small dog that may be prone to hypoglycemia, give her a few licks of some raw honey every hour or as needed if she’s a little trembly and feeling weak.

chihuahua dringking water from bowlAlways have filtered or spring water available to drink. If you have some fresh mint, (it sooths the stomach) add a few leaves to the water and encourage your dog to drink.

I also recommend giving your dog this homeopathic blend Dr Goodpet Diar-Relief or try Lambert Kay Pet Pectillin for Diarrhea. Both come as liquids and a good idea to have in the pet first aid cupboard for the first signs of upset.

Introducing food again

After a 24 hour fast and the diarrhea has stopped, you can begin to introduce your dog to some meat or vegetable broth with a pinch of Himalayan rock salt in it. This will quickly bring your dog back up and lift their spirits.

If your dog now seems fine having sipped on the broth several times over the next 6 hours, you can begin to introduce food again.

Firm up for dogs anal glandsBefore reintroducing your dogs regular diet, make up your own pumpkin mash or buy in some Firm Up, add some of the broth you previously made to it along with some of your dogs regular food and serve.

  • 1/2 regular dog food
  • 1/4 Firm Up Pumpkin 4oz  Add amount as directed on the packet but mix with water
  • 1/4 broth

A meal or two of this should see your dog return to normal.

How to Treat Excessive Diarrhea

Yorkshire terrier lying down with head on floorFor dogs that suffer diarrhea all too often, I highly recommend Firm Up. It’s a dried apple and pumpkin fiber digestive that’s proven very effective with dogs and cats and they generally love the taste.

It’s simple to add dry to your dogs food, but I recommend you premix it with water if your adding it to kibble to get more moisture into your dog – important!

Also take out 25% of the kibble from the meal and replace with the same volume of Firm Up so averall calories consumed remain the same.

In combination with the firm up, I highly recommend you help line your dogs entire digestive tract with slippery elm bark to help protect your dogs digestive system.

Acute Dog Diarrhea – Directions for treatment

Follow the directions for occasional diarrhea, fast your dog for 24hrs and then for large dogs, mix a 1 rounded Tbsp. of Slippery Elm with eight oz of cold water and bring to a boil on medium high heat. You then reduce heat to low and simmer for 3 minutes. Remove from heat and add 1 Tbsp. of raw honey. Give from 2 to 4 tsp. every 4 hrs. It works like a charm.

For medium dogs, half the amount and for small dogs a quarter of the amounts given.

Please Note:

If your dog gets diarrhea all too often with complications like lethargy, fever, bloat or blood in the stool and you want to stop it, my best advice is to see a holistic practitioner to remedy the underlying cause, or switch your dog to a raw food diet.

Where to get it?

Firm Up is grown, made and packaged in the USA

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  1. bud risner says

    I ordered 2 bottles of the Primalix Blood Sugar Balance for our dog Lucy a few days ago. We tried giving it to her but she is hardly eating at all. She is 13 years old and red min pinscher. She was quite a bit overweight but seemingly very healthy.
    A little over a month ago she began drinking water, so much it seems she could not get enough and she would turn her butt in circles on the carpet. The vet told us she was probably diabetic. We didn’t do blood work and started to give her the Primalix. But she went downhill fast and wanted nothing to eat. She went from 29lbs to 23lbs in a month.
    I coaxed(she will fight for her food) her to eat canned dog food out of my hand. I got er to eat but she got worse. we took her to the vet and did the blood work. Her GLU was 533 – (normal range 70-143) and a lot of her other tests were very high.
    Her vet told us we had to make a decision. If she wasn’t treated she would die in another week. We fought this but there was no denying she was going fast and we knew the vet was right as she wanted no food or water and showed almost no signs of interest in anything. Also we were sure her sight was getting really bad.
    My wife and I who love this dog so much, decided we did not want to put her through that and if we had make her take shots the rest of her life we would let her go. But it was too hard to give her up without trying something first.
    I read on your site and elsewhere that there are a lot of dogs taking insulin and they are living good lives. So we told the vet to help us.
    The vet prescribed 5units on the U40 syringe 2 times per day, ½ hour after a meal. This is the 4th shot coming up tonight.
    She is eating, drinking, and alert about like her old self. If she can live like this we could accept it as we think she enjoys herself.
    Of course we would prefer to get her on the Primilix so she would not have to take the shots.
    Is there hope to convert her to the Primalix in the future?

  2. Hi Bud, I understand your situation. You have to make the dog stable first with the insulin. Then diet has to change to all fresh food with very low carbs, zero vaccines or vet drugs and some supplements and so on. This way you get the dogs blood sugar stable and low needs for insulin use and much healthier. I’d concider my One to One Dog Health Email Consultation and Support Service. That way I can work with you on this over several months. My email is danscott(at), contact me there.

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