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How to Make Raw Dog Food and Delicious Dog Treats

How to make raw dog food can be as easy or as complicated as you want to make it and still achieve the best outcome. Let me explain. Dogs like some variety in their diet, it helps to balance the diet and give them a good cross section of nutrients to aid and assist in all the complicated internal biological processors taking place every second of every day. The Perfect Meal in Less Than 3 … [Read More...]

Dog Arthritis

Dog Arthritis – You’ve Been Conned Folks

Dog arthritis is the empty pot at the end of the rainbow left there by cruel hoax – let me explain. Nature has a way of looking after its children, just as a mother carefully considers her children’s needs as they grow. Part of those needs is based around the dinner table and what to […]

Dog Health

The Deadly Secret Behind the Dog Food Recall

The massive dog food recall of 2007 can be considered the best, yet the very worst thing to happen to pet owners in modern times. Though it was a heartrending event for many, the tragedy finally stirred pet owners to take an honest look at what their dog was eating. It … [Read More...]

Dog Food

The Truth About Dog Food Ingredients

The pet food industry often lets consumers think that the dog food ingredients in their canine companion's food are the epitome of wholesome and natural. Unfortunately, there are a good number of individuals that actually believe this lie. They are the ones who continue … [Read More...]

The Best Dog Food in The World

What is the best dog food in the world? This is the best question you could ask but are you ready for the honest answer? Because the best dog food in the world does not come in a can and it surely does not come extruded into kibble or dry mixer. Look at the list below … [Read More...]

Homemade Dog Food

The Homemade Dog Food Recipe that Saves Money and its Healthier

Dog owners venturing into natural diets can feel intimidated when searching for their first homemade dog food recipe. Fear not as I have a simple easy starter recipe that's a complete whole food your dog will love and thrive on. This fear often has more to do with … [Read More...]

Homemade Dog Food Recipes That Save Money and They’re Healthier

Those venturing into natural diets can feel intimidated when searching for their first homemade dog food recipe. This often has more to do with venturing into something new and shaking years of programming that insists dogs must be fed from cans or bags. Feeding Your Dog … [Read More...]

Dog Training

Dog Potty Training a Puppy or Older Dog With Step By Step Videos

Some people will tell you that some dogs are just easier to potty train than others, when in reality they can all be potty trained usually within just a few weeks and learning dog potty training  doesn’t have to be frustrating. If you have a dog that is a year or older … [Read More...]

The 1 Key To Stop Dog Aggression

If you want to understand how to stop dog aggression let me start by asking you two rhetorical questions! Firstly - do YOU start the aggression with your dog simply joining in? Secondly - does your dog listen to you just before it behaves the way it does when you try … [Read More...]