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Raw Dog Food-What makes It Heal, Strengthen and Extend Life?

Lately, there has been a flurry of debate over the use of raw dog food diets in the veterinary community; however, you merely need to look in your own backyard to begin understanding the real issues. The Knock on Effect of The Human Health Trend Thanks to thousands of studies and millions spent in research labs, it is common knowledge that the prolonged consumption of certain chemicals in human … [Read More...]

Dog Arthritis

Dog Arthritis – You’ve Been Conned Folks

Dog arthritis is the empty pot at the end of the rainbow left there by cruel hoax – let me explain. Nature has a way of looking after its children, just as a mother carefully considers her children’s needs as they grow. Part of those needs is based around the dinner table and what to […]

Dog Health

Pancreatitis in Dogs-The Natural Dog Food for Pancreatitis

Your dog’s pancreas is a V-shaped organ situated behind the stomach, and serves two purposes: To produce hormones such as insulin which aids the metabolism of glucose and amino acids. To produce the enzymes required for the digestion and absorption of nutrients from … [Read More...]

Dog Food

Best Dog Food for Puppies Makes Them Healthy For Life

What warms the heart more than fuzzy rough and tumble puppies? No matter what the breed, it is more than easy to become attached and form a bond with your new friend. Their sheer energy inspires you to want to do anything and everything to keep your canine friend good and … [Read More...]

What Makes This Natural Dog Food the Clear Choice?

In the search for a quality nutrition source, the term natural dog food often comes up but many dog owners do not know exactly what this means. There are quite a few commercial dog food products that refer to themselves as ‘natural’ or ‘organic’ because they claim to use … [Read More...]

Homemade Dog Food

How to Save Big Money with Homemade Dog Food and Be Healthier

The health benefits of all natural homemade dog food are impossible to ignore. Plus, it has major benefits in other areas as well. One of the most crucial aspects that come with the privilege of having a dog is the cost of feeding. For many, it is a large reason as to why … [Read More...]

The Homemade Dog Food Recipe that Saves Money and its Healthier

Dog owners venturing into natural diets can feel intimidated when searching for their first homemade dog food recipe. Fear not as I have a simple easy starter recipe that's a complete whole food your dog will love and thrive on. This fear often has more to do with … [Read More...]

Dog Training

The 3 Keys to a Well Trained Dog for Life

There are a few real keys to dog training, whether you are trying to train your dog to come when called, sit, stop barking or any other behavior. Understanding their importance is critical to achieving rapid results that are long lasting and help develop the bond between you … [Read More...]

Puppy Dog Training That’s Effective, Fast And Fun

Learning puppy dog training in your home should be a wonderful time for both of you, but for many people it is a frustrating period of time for both the owner and the dog. The truth is that if you know what you are doing, it won’t be nearly as frustrating and you will end … [Read More...]