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Feeding Dogs Raw Meat Dog Food and You’re Set for Life

Now more than ever, there is a focus on feeding dogs raw meat dog food which is bringing more and more dog owners into the light. Years after recalls of commercial pet food products and the millions of pets sickened and killed worldwide, many dog owners no longer rely on commercial junk foods to feed their pets. Though it was a most unfortunate way to find out, the recalls helped pet owners … [Read More...]

Dog Arthritis

Dog Arthritis – You’ve Been Conned Folks

Dog arthritis is the empty pot at the end of the rainbow left there by cruel hoax – let me explain. Nature has a way of looking after its children, just as a mother carefully considers her children’s needs as they grow. Part of those needs is based around the dinner table and what to […]

Dog Health

What is the Best Dog Food-The Truth about Meat in Dog Food?

It’s important you know the truth about what is the best dog food. Because whether you shop online, at your local supermarket or from a specialist pet food shop there’s an alarming reason to be concerned about. The protein in your dogs dinner comes from many sources, not … [Read More...]

Dog Food

Dog Food Vitamins – A Waste of Time, Money and Dog Health

Well meaning pet owners spend millions on dog food vitamins each year. In all reality, they may as well be flushing their hard earned dollars down the toilet. Whether it's under instructions from a vet or just wanting to do whatever it takes to keep their pet healthy, … [Read More...]

The Best Puppy Dog Food in the World is?

Convincing consumers they offer the best puppy dog food around costs commercial dog food companies millions in advertising annually. Television ads commonly spout claims of balanced nutrition all while featuring happy, heartwarming scenes of cute and playful pups. In … [Read More...]

Homemade Dog Food

Homemade Dog Food Recipes That Save Money and They’re Healthier

Those venturing into natural diets can feel intimidated when searching for their first homemade dog food recipe. This often has more to do with venturing into something new and shaking years of programming that insists dogs must be fed from cans or bags. Feeding Your Dog … [Read More...]

How to Save Big Money with Homemade Dog Food and Be Healthier

The health benefits of all natural homemade dog food are impossible to ignore. Plus, it has major benefits in other areas as well. One of the most crucial aspects that come with the privilege of having a dog is the cost of feeding. For many, it is a large reason as to why … [Read More...]

Dog Training

Dog Crate Training for Dogs and Puppies-How To Train Fast

There is one form of training that has really grown to be the norm in recent years and that is dog crate training dogs and puppies. If you have a brand new puppy, then one of the best things that you could ever do both for your dog and yourself is to begin crate training … [Read More...]

The 3 Vital Steps to a Winning Recall

One of the most common complaints is “my dog doesn’t come when I call”. Training the recall is one of the funniest of all dog-training exercises because we do so much completely wrong! Let me explain. This is what we want to achieve: When we call our dog “here Bella” we … [Read More...]