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Raw Meat Diet for Dogs – The Best a Dog Can Get

Those looking to start feeding a raw meat diet for dogs will need a practical information packed resource like Real Food for Dogs by Dan Scott. With the number of pet food recalls, attention to natural diets has recently spiked. The concept of a raw diet is obviously the most logical and complete diet for a dog; however, as many are unfamiliar with raw feeding, making the switch can seem … [Read More...]

Dog Arthritis

Dog Arthritis – You’ve Been Conned Folks

Dog arthritis is the empty pot at the end of the rainbow left there by cruel hoax – let me explain. Nature has a way of looking after its children, just as a mother carefully considers her children’s needs as they grow. Part of those needs is based around the dinner table and what to […]

Dog Health

Which Holistic Dog Food is Healthier and Your Dog Lives Longer?

In truth, holistic dog food is anything but new. It is simply resorting back to what made the canine everything that people have become endeared to. When considering that Mother Nature was able to nourish and help the species thrive over fifteen million years, it is … [Read More...]

Dog Food

Dog Food Comparisons Reveal One Clear Winner

As a responsible dog owner, it is only natural to perform dog food comparisons when looking for a quality nutrition source. After all, you want a diet that is well balanced and supportive of your dog's needs. Feeding your dog a certain diet just because it is cheap or … [Read More...]

What Makes This Natural Dog Food the Clear Choice?

In the search for a quality nutrition source, the term natural dog food often comes up but many dog owners do not know exactly what this means. There are quite a few commercial dog food products that refer to themselves as ‘natural’ or ‘organic’ because they claim to use … [Read More...]

Homemade Dog Food

How to Save Big Money with Homemade Dog Food and Be Healthier

The health benefits of all natural homemade dog food are impossible to ignore. Plus, it has major benefits in other areas as well. One of the most crucial aspects that come with the privilege of having a dog is the cost of feeding. For many, it is a large reason as to why … [Read More...]

The Homemade Dog Food Diet Puppies Thrive On

While there is no way to guarantee puppy health problems never occur, there is a way to ensure you do not inadvertently aggravate your dog's system into long term bad health. And that's by feeding your puppy a homemade dog food diet. Many dog owners have become familiar … [Read More...]

Dog Training

Dog Training Tricks Your Dog Can Learn Quickly

When it comes to dog training tricks are often the easiest part to teach. Yes, it can take weeks or even months to potty train a dog, but teaching him to shake a paw can be achieved pretty fast. How Can You Teach Dog Training Tricks? There are several things that should be … [Read More...]

Aggressive Dog Training-How To Get Results Fast

Dogs are not aggressive by nature, yet it seems that there will be times when your dog does get aggressive toward people or other dogs and will need aggressive dog training to channel that energy correctly. Some dogs are also more aggressive than others, and the first thing … [Read More...]