How to Heal a Sick Dog and Have Great Health For Life

FSick dogor most dog owners, nothing could be more heartbreaking than a sick dog; especially when it has amounted to one visit to the vet after another with little or no results.

You would do anything to see your friend with ears perked and tail wagging again- and many dog owners do go the full course.

Whether the problem is heart disease, arthritis, diabetes or a simple ear infection, the costs can become quite steep. However, when you know your dog is not well, there is no such thing as leaving it to suffer on its own; not when so much comfort and companionship has passed between you.

What’s the Causing so Many Sick Dog Symptoms?

A veterinarian or breeder will often misguidedly point the finger at bad bloodlines for the misery or simply getting a dog that just happens to have health issues. Unfortunately, with ninety percent of canine diseases being diet related, this is hardly the case for a large number of dogs.

What the average dog owner has yet to learn is that until they give their pet a nutrition source not comprised of cheap food waste, dead animals and chemicals, health issues are bound to continue. The vet bills will continue to rise and their sick dog can eventually end up with a shortened lifespan.

Sick Dog Won’t Eat? – Here’s the Answer

Knowing pet owners will go to any length to help their animal friend, pet food companies have set up a simple system to ensure their profits. Advertising dollars are spent to assure you that their rendered dog food made of dead, diseased, disabled and dying animals from factory farms – known as the 4-d’s – plus a host of chemicals is a good choice for your dog.

When your dog becomes sick from ingesting such junk food, you end up at the vet with your sick dog. ThisSick puppy at the vet environment is likely full of dog food advertisements your vet is being paid to back, whether they agree to it or not. Your vet treats your dog’s symptoms but rarely addresses the root of the illness.

In the end, you continue to feed your pet with an inadequate nutrition source that breaks down its immune system and health,  causing problems. You may even occasionally change foods thinking it will help, never knowing that it is just the same garbage in a different wrapper.

What to Feed a Sick Dog

To get your sick dog well again, he or she will need a raw food diet. In the millions of years Mother Nature developed the canine species, she was smart enough to make a raw diet for dogs not only food but medicine as well. After all, there were no veterinarians around when she started her task.

Mother Nature made it so that the digestive system of canines could assimilate all the necessary nutrients from the world around them in raw meat and bone. While much has changed about the canine or domesticated dog, its nutrient requirements have not. The cooked congealed grain based mass that is dog food is anything but a sufficient replacement for fresh raw natural food.

Watch the short video below to understand how your dog can thrive not simply survive.

What do Dogs Eat to Thrive Not Simply Survive?

How to Help a Sick Dog

Happy owners with their naturally fed dogOnce a dog has the adequate nutrition and enzymes it can only gain from raw foods, its system will finally be able to heal, restore and balance itself to normal. This is often done in a short manner of time as your dog’s system already knows immediately what to do.

Within weeks, your sick dog suddenly becomes a well dog that leaves his or her usual spot at the vet’s office vacant. Then you begin to see what a real dog is supposed to be when your dog exhibits a healthy shiny coat and teeth, no doggy smell, a clear and alert temperament, bright shiny eyes and no more ear infections, arthritis or other daunting complaints.

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