Sick Dog Lethargic? Find Out the Cause and How to Fix it

There is nothing worse than watching a canine companion struggle with a lack of energy and the condition is likely to continue unless a pet owner decides to take a good look at the diet their dog has been eating.

How to Heal a Sick Dog and Have Great Health For Life

For most dog owners, nothing could be more heartbreaking than a sick dog; especially when it has amounted to one visit to the vet after another with little or no results. You would do anything to see your friend with ears perked and tail wagging again- and many dog owners do go the full course. […]

Sick Dog Symptoms Explained and How to Stop It

These days, what should count as sick dog symptoms are tragically considered normal. Occasional bouts of diarrhea, vomiting, rashes, constant scratching and other maladies are referred to as the standard issues of being a dog. However, when you consider the fact that dogs can actually have the same symptoms when swallowing concentrated poisons, it would […]

Is Your Dog Sick – Symptoms and How to Get Them Healthy Fast

Familiarizing yourself with the symptoms of sick dog is a necessity when it comes to responsible dog ownership. From time to time, even the best behaved dog can find its way into something that is dangerous or even deadly. Plus, poison can come in a number of form as we’ll see. My Dog is Sick […]

My Dog is Sick – Dog Blood in Urine and Other Symptoms

When it comes to the health of your dog blood in urine will raise the alarm bells for any dog owner largely because it is a condition that can signify anything from infection to injury. It is not uncommon for bloody urine to be accompanied by sudden accidents even when the dog has been housetrained […]