What Makes Natural Dog Nutrition So Vital to the Health of Your Dog?

Dog nutritionTo understand the benefit of natural dog nutrition for the canine species, it is first necessary to understand their digestive system.

As many know, dogs are carnivores; and they have the digestion system to prove it. Upon observing the internal anatomy of canines, you will immediately notice the dog’s roomy stomach that is followed by a fairly short large intestinal tract. This is indicative of a physiology that is made to digest meat.

When comparing a modern dog’s digestive system to those of dogs from the earliest of times, it is easy to see that little has changed.

For many, it is hard to think of a dog as anything but a friendly companion. While it is true their roles have evolved over thousands of years, the reality remains that their digestive system and overall food requirements have not.

Dog Food Nutrition Facts About Dog Nutrition Needs

Dogs largely developed in the wild where food was not offered on a daily basis or at certain set times of the day. Therefore, a dog’s highly acidic digestive system is set up to accommodate large chunks of raw protein based materials, such as muscle tissue, bone and even hair, and keep it until the next meal could be tracked down. This natural dog food allowed canines to get all the live enzymes, amino acids, vitamins and minerals it needed to sustain its system.

Natural dog foods rest in the stomach for approximately eight hours and during that time will be well digested before moving into the intestines. In the intestines, nutrients will be absorbed but only after large and high concentrations of hydrochloric acid have killed off any lasting parasites or bacteria that may have been ingested in their raw meal.

For correct dog nutrition, the ingestion of raw meat is necessary to ensure the stomach, liver, pancreas, small intestine and large intestine all have the chance to perform their natural functions in perfect harmony.

The Dog Food Nutrition Comparison From Commercial Diets

The trouble comes in that commercial canned and kibble dog foods are mostly comprised of a grain or cereal base in addition to being cooked. As it has been found for dogs, cooked food is basically already digested food. This means there are simply few or no useful enzymes to be found. This is why the homemade dog food nutrition recipes that require cooking are rarely any better than packaged dog food.

Just as important is the fact that grains and cereals in packaged dog foods have an alkali base that does not foster the highly acidic environment in a dog’s stomach. In short, a dog suffers malnutrition and starves its systems despite eating one to two times per day. Eventually and expectedly, the lack of adequate dog nutrition causes illness to surface in one form or another.

As Dr. Lisa Freeman, DVM, states “Pet food companies will continue to sell to consumers what barely passes as food as long as the sales are good.”

Rather than paying hard earned money for something that will cost thousands in vet bills down the line, you can better serve your dog nutrition requirements by going with a diet comprised of all natural dog food. Plus, it is a diet that is naturally enjoyed by dogs.

Natural Diets For Dogs Health Needs

Click on the video below to understand better what dogs need to thrive not simply survive.

What do Dogs Eat to Thrive Not Simply Survive?
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Trusting thousands of years of evolution, rather than a veterinarian whose training on canine nutrition is often disturbingly small, means way more than just lower vet bills. It will mean a your companion gets the necessary and proper dog nutrition that brings back his or her energy levels in addition to the end of recurrent ear infections, foul gas, allergies, bowel problems, arthritis and even temperament issues.

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Dan is an experienced dog nutrition and home remedy specialist, helping pet parents heal chronic dog health problems with healthier kibble, home cooked and raw food diets and using effective, safer natural home remedies for a healthier, happier and longer lived dog.


  1. Helen Connolly says

    I have a Australian cattle Dog. She is 2 years old, I have always fed her 2 meals a day, cereal in the morning then a walk then evening walk then raw beef mince and biscuits after to graze on through the evening (sometimes she scoffs the lot in one ) It seems to suit her really well, she rarely has any sign of problems and I am an avid poo bag user, and she is a very unsmelly dog indeed, is this the kind of diet you would suggest?

  2. Hi Helen
    Thankyou for the details. Your doing great, just a few observations.

    No need for two meals a day, one is better.
    No need for cereals in the diet, not nutritionally useful for a canine.
    Expand on the mince, include chicken frame, lamb, beef, pork and tripe.
    Meat on the bone is better as your dog will get thorough teeth cleaning, upper body workout, balanced nutrition and wellbeing.
    Dogs dont graze, they work hard all day (rounding the cattle) and are rewarded with a slap up meal, they bolt down, then rest. In your case the walks are the the work your dog does to earn it’s meal-this is based on how dogs evolved and still suits them well.

    This will take your dog to the next level health wise not to mention longer lived too with much less vet fees overall.

    BTW fantastic animal the Aussie cattle dog

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