Raw Food Diet for Puppies and The Truth Behind Pet Food

raw food diet for puppiesAll the preparations have been made; you’ve ticked off the list, a new bed, training book, food and water bowls, some cool toys and the puppy kibble a raw food diet for puppies .

The anticipations rising and there’s nothing like the feeling of that day when you go to fetch your new adorable young puppy. It’s like being a kid on Christmas Eve. A new member of the family enters the home and a new life begins.

Feeding a Puppy – A Match Made in Heaven or Hell?

The one crucial element missing from so many puppies diets is that there’s no fresh food in the diet. While it may seem obvious to us that our kids need healthy balanced meals with some variation in choice to grow up healthy and strong, the vast majority of puppies will dine on kibble or canned pet food.

Kibble and canned pet food are the nutritional equivalent to a big mac and fries and puppies are expected to dine on this stuff day in day out for life!

You know fast food is ok for a weekend treat-in my house it might be pizza all round come Friday night but your poor puppy has to eat puppy kibble. If you heard, read about or saw the Morgan Spurlock film – Super Size Me – about one man’s month long experiment with consuming ONLY Mac Donald’s for breakfast, lunch and dinner. He suffered dangerous health side effects and was warned repeatedly by his doctor of his rapidly deteriorating health condition not to mention putting on several stone in weight with cholesterol levels through the roof.

Canned and bagged dry dog food will in time do the same to your family pet. Your growing dog will become one of the following statistics;

From the National Research Council

  • 85% of dogs by age 4 will suffer from periodontal disease increasing to 100% by age 12.
  • Half of all dogs over the age of 10 will have developed cancer.
  • Cancer is the Number 1 cause of death in dogs.
  • In the U.S. 1 in 5 dogs suffer from Arthritis.
  • 27% of all dogs suffer from allergies that cause scratching and ear infections.
  • Tooth and gum problems are the most common medical condition seen in pets.
  • 1 in 4 dogs the world over are obese.
  • High fat and sugar levels in commercial pet foods are a leading cause for obesity and the number one health disorder seen by veterinarians across the U.S.

Your Puppy Needs a Fresh Food Diet to Grow Up Healthy

Poor nutrition creates chronic disease that builds over time until it overwhelms the body and diseases like cancer are the result. Commercial junk food in the form of kibble and canned food of any variety and any stated quality IS poor nutrition based on the research figures and firsthand evidence from many thousands of pet owners.

The bottom line for all commercial dog food producers is profit. They want you to buy their product and be happy to see your dog consuming their product. What you don’t know is that this product has been sourced from such cheap waste materials and has been so heavily manipulated by chemicals it’s almost toxic beyond measure, and as Dr. T.J. Dunn, DVM of The Pet Center notes that the exceptional amount of additives in commercial dog foods “simply reveals the trickery needed to coax dogs and cats into consuming such material.”

The preposterous claim that commercial junk food is “balanced and complete” is nothing more than commercial misuse of information to get you to think their labeling is good.

Dr. Elizabeth Hodgkins DVM, Esq. stated in her article Safe Pet Foods and Truthful Labels: Are They Possible?

Commercial Pet Foods Are More Unsafe Than You Think!

“The recent recall of millions of cans and bags of commercial pet food after contaminants were found in these products has caused pet owners all over the world to wonder just how safe commercially-produced products are.

….legislative loopholes that have existed for decades in the United States, and which have allowed unsafe, even toxic foods to be freely marketed to pet owners all over the world.

…all the more shocking is the fact that every bag and can of recalled product in the recent and more distant recalls contained label guarantees that told the consumer that they are tested safe to feed for the lifetime of the pet! Clearly, those label guarantees were false and misleading.

…commercial pet foods have repeatedly shown themselves to be subject to serious contamination and catastrophic imbalances of various nutrients…

How Is It Possible For Pet Foods to Carry Unjustified Label Claims?

…pet owners find it hard to understand how this state of misleading, even fraudulent claims on pet foods can exist. Unfortunately, this leaves the pet owner, and the veterinarian, in the dark. This also leaves the pet at great risk of poor nutrition, and even intoxication or death when this unregulated industry makes a mistake.”

AAFCO feeding trials require only 10 weeks to 6 months of feeding of a “representative” food to 6 animals. This is the same kind of trial…

…with the result that thousands were sickened and most of these [pets] died…
…the vast majority of the cans and bags of food you see in the store have never been tested for anything, despite the label language!”

We are all ignorant of something, we just don’t know some things and commercial pet food is not good for our puppies, in fact it’s very bad and will lead to pain and misery in time as the statistics above so transparently point out.

So What’s the Best Puppy Food – The One That Brings Peace of Mind?

Drop the kibble and canned pet foods; feed a raw diet for puppies and you will have in return complete peace of mind knowing that your puppy will grow into a healthy dog with virtually no health concerns. Your growing dog will have a rock solid immune system protecting him or her for life. Your senior dog will be bouncing about at an age when most dogs slow down, and with the added benefit of living that much longer.

Feeding a raw meat diet for puppies naturally is a wholesome family practice that has been forgotten in our modern convenience world. Your puppy deserves to be fed with the same knowledge that helps feed your kids.

It’s easy to feed a raw puppy diet. After a small initial learning curve you’ll wonder why you haven’t been doing it all along, especially when it makes so much sense and is in fact very straight forward. You will also save on the food bill and literally thousands in vet costs over the coming years.

Watch the video below to underline why puppies thrive on fresh food.

The Healthiest Dog Food in the World

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