How to Treat Dog Diarrhea One Time for Life!

how to treat dog diarrheaWhile running my lungs out on the cross trainer at the health club this morning, one of those news segments came up on the trendy new TV screens they just fitted to the new gym machines, heck you can even play Solitaire on the damn thing… and yes it’s a touch screen, all mod cons at my health club lol.

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Right, this news segment was about the fact that in the UK there are eight million dogs and they produce each year on average one thousand tons of poop! That’s a lot of crap and the story went on to describe the problem on the streets of local boroughs and how although there are laws in place to catch offenders, most councils are not bothering to meter out on the spot fines.

In the US there are seventy million dogs, so that’s getting up around nine thousand tons of poop each and every year!

Why Commercial Dog Food Has NO Nutrition In It

Now, my point is this, I know that most of what is in a can or packet of commercial dog food is already waste food or worse and I also know that most dogs bodies cannot cope too well with this mush because they pass so much of it out of the body, being made up of mostly corn, wheat, soy and other plant based derivitives. And you know exactly what I mean; we’ve all seen those BIG disgusting piles of you know what and god forbid you tread in the stuff, that really makes my day!

You see, the bulky waste is telling us that it cannot have been much more than waste before it went in to your dog. If food has no nutritive value to the body it’s rushed through quickly and rejected or rather ejected at the other end. Let’s not confuse this with say cows waste which is made up of bulky fibrous grass which means a lot of waste is expected from a this herbivore animal.

But dogs are Carnivores which means their waste is meant to be compact, dry and small as meat & bone, the natural food source for dogs is so bio available that only a fraction of what goes in, comes out the other end in pellet form which is easily picked up, kicked or trodden on without sticking to you or smelling anything like so bad, in fact it has very little smell at all.

How Dog Food Is Like Hamburgers

Commercial dog food like it’s fast food human counterpart Mc Donald’s hamburgers is full of sodium among other additives which adds to its near apocalyptic shelf life. I have seen a Mickey D hamburger from 1989 including the bun still in its original condition, I mean you could take a bite it looks so fresh, perhaps fresh is not the word but you get what I mean.

So, this preserved artificially produced, rancid, enhanced mush in a can which looks very similar to the end product-poop, is essentially transferring the worlds food waste in part to the streets of our towns via our dogs bodies. The word insanity springs to mind but perhaps the word profit is most key here, as profit is the motivator behind that curly wurly left on your street.

The funny thing is and I mean funny peculiar not funny ha ha, the waste from commercial dog food does not degrade or break down too well, a bit like the ham burger I mentioned above. It’s so over processed before it goes in that even after your dogs body has tried to deal with it, when it comes out nothing but nothing wants to eat it. When I mean eat it, I mean bacteria that cause mold and decomposition, which is why the stuff is everywhere, at least until someone from the sanitation department picks it up. On the other hand, the waste from a raw food diet for dogs is mainly chalk waste from the bones which makes a great fertilizer, think bone meal for the garden.

Why Dog Diarrhea Tells Us Chronic Disease is Dead Ahead?

Ok, so the moral of this missive is, dog food is only slightly more bulkier in the can or packet than it is once it’s been through your dog which makes it waste in waste out.

That large T-boned sized piece of raw steak like the one in Tom & Jerry that Spike sometimes gets, comes out the other end as a small pellet or two. What this means is we live in a world of dog poop often of the dogs diarrhea variety that¬†needn’t be the case.

We foul our earth with poop laden additives which cannot be healthy and most of all dear reader we sell our dogs short with convenience fast food out of ignorance, complacency or just can’t be botheredness.

I can’t tell you what to do, to do the right thing by your dog but your dog tells you every day he or she takes a poop, crap that right now is running through an upset belly having deposited all it’s cargo of synthetic enhancers somewhere on the inside of your dog. This is why one in every two dogs in the UK and USA get some form of cancer by the age of ten! The cancer is from a lifetime diet of rubbish fast food.

I know you love dogs as I do and I know you want the best for them, so think about how your dog must feel having to eat crappy commercial dog food from cans and packets.

Watch the video below and see how I handle dog poop.

How to treat dog with diarrhea one time and for life?

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Dan is an experienced dog nutrition and home remedy specialist, helping pet parents heal chronic dog health problems with healthier kibble, home cooked and raw food diets and using effective, safer natural home remedies for a healthier, happier and longer lived dog.


  1. Doreen Sladavic says

    I would like to try the raw food diet but not sure how to get started.
    I have small dogs and don’t know how much raw meat to give them.
    Do you use any veggies or grains?
    Thanks, Doreen

  2. Hi Doreen,
    No grains but some vegies (crush them for maximum bio availability).

    Could not possibly explain the whole diet here but my book has everything you could want to know about what to do and it’s available up top on the right, just click on the book cover.

    Good luck.

  3. Richard Peterson Jefferies says

    Indeed. The poop sits for ages. It has to do with thier diet being total crap before the poochies eat it. That is the problem poor nutrition. This is a major problem for our dog friends. We must help them become healthier eaters to help them live happier more fulfilling lives. I feed my dog Broccoli which he indeed does enjoy, plus bits of healthy meants which i consume at the supper table. I hope my doggie lives for a long time to come.

  4. Hi Richard, yes totally agree with you there. Make sure to mix some raw meats with bone content into your dogs diet too, for greater nutritional value.

  5. I have always felt that if the dog had diarrhea you take it’s food away for about six hours and see if it goes away. Is that not the case with them should you not do that? I mean when I have that problem I don’t eat for awhile and when your baby has that problem you give them something to keep them dehydrated most of all.

  6. I never thought I would find a post about curing doggie diarrhea once and for all interesting but I sure did and I am looking forward to trying this. It amazes me that you never think about this stuff as a human but you are right if they are eating a pile as big as they are pooping then there is a problem. Thank you for the eyeopener.

  7. I am so glad to read this if there is something that I hate to deal with in my dogs it is diarrhea I can handle the vomiting occasionally but I hate cleaning up diarrhea. I am going to follow your tips here because this is some good stuff. Keep up the good work you are doing a great service for those of us with pets out here.

  8. Allen thanks mate, very much appreciated. Love dogs so much and will be there for them and the owners who want to make the change to a healthy diet for their best friend.

  9. Hi Frances, and it literally IS once and for all. Glad I could help and thanks for commenting.

  10. Hi Bobby, yes pretty much that’s it although with a dog you would wait 24 hours then try again. The only thing with dog diarrhea is that until the diet is changed there will always be intermittant diarrhea and the building of chronic disease.

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