Dog Food Raw Diet-What They Don’t Want You to Know

dog food raw dietAfter years of commercial dog food conditioning in the media or at the veterinary office, a dog food raw diet can sound downright suspicious – and that’s just how the dog food companies want it.

After all, if you find out that the canine digestive system is meant to gain its nutrients from uncooked raw meat only, you are less likely to invest in the rendered, boiled down and congealed grain based fodder you’ve been paying for. If that happens, not only will profits go down the health problems that veterinarians depend on to stay profitable will decline as well.

A natural raw dog food diet is simply bad news all the way around. At least for the dog food companies.

Leading dog health author, Ann N. Martin had this to say:

The pet food industry, a billion dollar unregulated operation, feeds on the garbage that otherwise would wind up in landfills or be transformed into fertilizer.
The hidden ingredients in a can of commercial pet food may include road kill and the rendered remains of cats and dogs.

Why is Commercial Pet Food So Bad?

Ann N Martin continues…

Animal protein” in commercial pet foods can include diseased meat, road kill, contaminated material from slaughterhouses, faecal matter, rendered cats and dogs and poultry feathers. The major source of animal protein comes from dead stock removal operations that supply  so called “4-D” animals dead, diseased, dying or disabled to “receiving plants” for hide, fat and meat removal. The meat (after being doused with charcoal or creosote and marked “unfit for human consumption”) may then be sold for pet food.”

The Simple Truth About Canned and Packet Dog Food is?

The commercial pet food industry unlike the human food industry with it’s strict enforceable regulations is completely self-regulating with only guidelines about the quality and contents of each can or packet of pet food produced. This gives profit hungry pet food giants the green light to get away with murder as they haul in and process the absolute worst, cheapest waste food from all over the world.

This waste food that at the very least has been condemmed as unfit for human consumption and at worst contains toxic cancer causing agents will over time break down your dogs immune system – it’s in built protection mechanism – and invite disease, allergies and 9 times out of 10 kill your dog by 12.5 years of age – national average – instead of around 18 years average age on a raw food diet for dogs.

Case In Point – Dog Food Recalls

raw meat dog food dietEvery year there are dog food recalls as cans & packets come off the shelves containing toxins just too deadly to animal health. In 2007 the largest known recall cost the lives of thousands of pet cats and dogs as Chinese supplied Melamine (fire retardent material with indegestible protein content!) was found in deadly quantities in many popular brands of pet food. The distress, agony and pain that up to 18,000 dogs and cats died for was painful beyond belief.

Owners  watched helplessly as their beloved family member fell sick and passed away within days. I can’t imagine just how I would feel to have this happen to my dog, – devastated and outraged come to mind – and putting our dogs nutrition and health in the hands of non-regulated profit driven pet food giants is playing with fire.

Raw Diet Dog Food – Why Choose It?

A raw food dog diet provides your canine companion not only with vitamins and nutrients but the essential enzymes that must be present for your dog to thrive. Without these enzymes, there is no way to transport nutrients to the right places. What many do not know is enzymes are quickly and easily destroyed by heat during the cooking process.

Therefore feeding commercial food to a dog is akin to feeding already digested used up food. Nutrients can hardly be assimilated at all. That is why a dog that is put on a raw food diet – and this is crucial – will show marked signs of overall improvement in a very short amount of time.

It’s fundamental to a dog to get enzymes into it’s system to work properly, without them a dog never has quality nutrition which means dog health problems and a shortened lifespan. It’s the equivelent of humans never eating vegetables, salad or fruits ever and what we do eat is heavily fortified with artificial additives such as preservatives, colors and various flavor enhancers to make rancid food taste more palatable.

According to this pet owner:

My two fussy eaters now relish dinner time, putting on much needed weight and muscle tone. Every single condition I had a problem with vanished after several months, which amazed the vet who didn’t know quite what to say when I told him about the new diet.

My vet bills shrank from literally thousands to almost zero within a couple of months and the dog’s health is unbelievable, they are so healthy now with glossy coats, clean teeth, no ear problems and they smell like puppies again not to mention their puppy like enthusiasm now, just wonderful.” Madeline- owner of Blaze, Cody, Sky, Star and Keisha

What A Raw Meat Dog Food Diet Will Do For Your Dog

A raw food diet for dogs also means:

  • Strong white teeth and healthy gums
  • No more itchy skin and ear infections
  • The end of kidney ailments and digestive upset
  • A balanceddog raw food diet weight
  • Healthy coat and skin
  • An extended lifespan
  • Wonderfully balanced temperament

Since a dog food raw diet acts as medicine – saving a fortune in vet bills – as well as food, no matter what ailments your dog is bothered by, giving him or her the proper nutrients means seeing a distinct improvement in a number of areas at once.

If you want a permanent solution for your dogs allergies, ear infections, smelly stools & diarrhea, paw licking, lacking energy or host of other complaints and you want to drastically cut your vet bills then feeding a fresh raw food dog diet is the answer.

I have been involved in feeding canines raw dog food diet recipes as their natural choice of food for over 40 years and whitnessed the turnaround in dogs health and wellbeing thousands of times – it simply works wonders for renewed dog health. And dogs eating their rightful food right up into their senior years are a  joy to behold. How’s that for peace of mind.

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What do Dogs Eat to Thrive Not Simply Survive?

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