The Best Raw Dog Food Diet For Great Puppy Health

best raw dog foodAttention to puppy health is a must if you plan to share many good and memorable years with your canine companion.

No matter what the breed, the foundation to good health must be laid the moment you bring your puppy home. Keeping your canine friend safe means more than just dog proofing your home from things he or she can get hurt on. It means keeping it safe with a good diet made of natural foods.

The Best Raw Dog Food Diet For Your Puppy

Allowing your pup to ingest a food source made of spoiled rejected grains, restaurant waste food, rancid commercial cooking oil, shop spoiled packaged food waste unfit for human consumption, dead, disabled, diseased and dying animals from feed lots and a host of cancer causing chemical additives is the complete opposite of keeping them healthy.

Commercial pet food companies spend millions on advertising in hopes it will keep you from reading the label on their products. Many times it works.  Even with an emphasis on essential vitamins and minerals, a commercial dog food diet has no significance for puppy health whatsoever.

Nature Knows Best For Ultimate Dog Health

Is it likely that Mother Nature brought the canine species all the way through evolution to now exist on a chemically laden diet? In nature, butylated hydroxyanisole, butylated hydroxytoluene and ethoxyquin are found nowhere in the natural diet that has sustained the canine species for millions of years. So why start now?

Today’s domesticated dog has a digestive system that is no different than a wolf’s. Puppies are born healthy yet their health suffers the minute they come off the teat and start on dry kibble. Rather than compromise your puppy’s well being on a grain based diet, you can promote puppy health with a natural raw food dog diet. A puppy that sustains itself with the absolutely essential enzymes found in their raw diet will not have to ever concern themselves with becoming an unhealthy statistic in a vet’s office.

Since ninety percent of disease in dogs is diet related, it can be no surprise that puppies fed a commercial diet suffer a low quality of puppy health compared to the best raw dog food brands fed counterparts. The statistics of commercially fed dogs like those below show that:

  • Eighty five percent of dogs by age four will suffer from periodontal disease, increasing to one hundred percent by age twelve.
  • Fifty percent of all dogs over the age of ten will have developed cancer.
  • The top cause of death in dogs is cancer.
  • Twenty percent of dogs suffer from arthritis.
  • Nearly a third of all dogs experience allergies that lead to scratching and ear infections.
  • Over seventy percent of anal sac gland cases that occur are due to canned and packaged foods in. This means an increase in veterinary visits and astronomical vet bills.
  • Based on surveys in the U.S., Canada, U.K. and Denmark, the average life span of most dog breeds is only ten to thirteen years.
  • One quarter of dogs the world over are obese (National Research Council).
  • High fat and sugar levels in commercial pet foods are a leading cause for obesity in the U.S. and the fastest spreading health disorder now seen by veterinarians.

Great puppy health from the best raw dog food diet means you not only get to enjoy your companion’s life experience free of health worries, you save thousands in wasted money on expensive and unnecessary vet bills. It all comes down to how much you love your puppy and accepting the opportunity to set your bank balance and you pups health free of the statistics.

Watch the video below to see how long your dog will live eating a raw dog food diet.

How Long Will My Dog Live Now She's Eating a Raw Food Diet

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