Best Diet for Dogs With Cancer That’s Proven to Work

Best diet for dogs with cancerDog cancer is as bad as it gets and your loved companion has to suffer not only the disease but possibly drugs, chemotherapy and surgery too.  In my opinion these only hasten your dogs demise. Here’s why?

If your dog’s already weak immune system – it’s defender to disease – has allowed dog cancer symptoms to take hold then it sure won’t defend against the onslaught of toxic chemicals, chemo and surgery. In short, it’s too late!

All along, the answer to amazing dog health,  almost total dog illness prevention and the best shot at early canine cancer cure is the right diet!

How the Best Diet for Dogs With Cancer Works?

Watch the short video I made which details the symptoms of dog cancer to look for and the diet I recommend to help beat cancer and bring health to your ailing pet.

Raw Food Diet for Dogs – Why Raw Food?

Your dog has one natural diet you maybe don’t know about, the diet most closely alligned to it’s biological needs. This is the diet your dog was designed by nature to consume and it’s been thsi way since dogs walked roamed the planet millions of years before we set foot in their territory. And today their biologicsl need is little changed.

The modern practice of processing human food waste, adding in chemicals to keep it stable and calling it dog food is the number one cause of cancer in dogs. The only modern western practice of attempting to stop, reduce or cure cancer in dogs is chemotherapy, drugs and surgery.

Modern Western Dog Cancer Treatment

Chemotherapy involves using radiation to kill the rogue cancer cells and this weakens and already weak dogdog operation at the vet because the dogs immune system – it’s vital defender to disease – is already broken and completely useless to help your dog recover. Surgery attempts to cut out the problem areas, but again it’s hard to find them all and more rogue cancer cell soon pop up in different places soon after – why? Because your dogs immune system is broken and what caused the initial cancer to start will once again flare up and the root cause was the food you have been feeding all along.

If you don’y cut off the source of the problem it simply carries on or starts right back up again in the same place or somewhere else.

Once you begin feeding your dog it’s biological diet, a raw food diet, it can begin to heal quickly as the food contains all the live enzymes, antioxidants, amino acids, fats and flavinoids that get to work right down to the cellular level.

Here’s one of my customers reactions to switching his dog with advanced cancer to my balanced raw food diet program.

All the vets who checked on my husky said that nothing can be done about our dog’s condition anymore. One vet even recommended euthanasia! I’m truly grateful to you for your videos!  Now, our husky is even stronger and livelier than the stupid vet who wants to put my dog to sleep. God have mercy on him! And God bless you, Dan, for sharing your knowledge to the rest of the world

What touched me most about this story was that before diet change, his lovely Husky could barely walk was in great pain and heading downhill fast. And within weeks the delighted owner was running alongside his dog in sheer excitement at his dogs new found energy and enthusiasm – priceless.

Cancer Diet for Dogs

If you want your dog to recover, improve and have a fighting chance at surviving this cruel disease without the drugs, chemo and surgery, start your dog on diet change today. It works, it’s proven to heal and it’s kind to your dog unlike the high priced alternatives.

You have been given a lifeline for your dog, grab it with both hands and you’ll never look back. Also remember I’m here to help you and your dog. Comment below if you need further clarification or just to share your thoughts.

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Dan is an experienced dog nutrition and home remedy specialist, helping pet parents heal chronic dog health problems with healthier kibble, home cooked and raw food diets and using effective, safer natural home remedies for a healthier, happier and longer lived dog.

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