How to Get Rid of Worms in Dogs Plus Spot the Symptoms

Worms In Dogs

Janes Story

As far back as I could remember, the canine species had always been a part of my life and I considered myself a well seasoned dog owner and dog lover. That is, until Rufus the Wonder Dog came along.

Rufus is referred to as the Wonder Dog because many find it is a wonder my Boxer friend is still alive today at 17 years of age; and it is a wonder I did not go bankrupt trying to treat Rufus when he came down with a stubborn case of dog worms when he was two years old.

Of all the dogs I ever owned, it was Rufus that truly opened my eyes. He was able to teach me that, while I loved dogs, what I knew about them and their health had been infiltrated with a lot of mistruth and propaganda- and it almost cost my best friend his life.

Looking For My Dream Boxer

I scouted high and low for the perfect Boxer pup and willingly paid a good price for Rufus. He came from good stock and I followed the breeder’s suggestion of feeding my dog a certain brand of food she had already started him on. It was a top of the line product according to my vet and I truly felt like I was giving Rufus the best there was. Then I learned the hard way about spotting the signs of worms in dogs.

When, right at the two year mark, Rufus began to vomit up his meals and exhibit a large loss in weight, I of course loaded him up and took him to the vet. We did the customary tests, including a stool sample and the results came back positive for dog worms. While this did not thrill me, I did feel better because this was a totally treatable medical problem. Or so I thought.

Chemical De-Wormers Are Too Toxic For Dogs

Although my dog had been on a wormer, my vet said I just needed a stronger prescription as worms in Worms In Dogsdogs can be stubborn to remove. I gave it to Rufus with no concern as I expected the medication to do its job. Except it didn’t. Rufus not only continued to have problems off and on, his coat became dull, he had none of that Boxer energy I had come to love and quite frankly, he just wasn’t his old goofy self. Something was terribly wrong even though I was doing exactly what the vet instructed. It all became one relapse after another; and it was taking a toll on my dog’s health. While I was frustrated with the whole situation, I was mostly scared for my canine friend.

My Ignorance Cost Me Dearly

By divine luck, Rufus and I ran into a long lost acquaintance while at the park one day. My friend had always been into holistics and quite conscientious about eating for health. Not only was my friend conscientious about her own health but the health of her dogs as well. She refused to feed her dogs, two picture perfect Golden Labs, anything that came out of a can or a bag and had warned me not to do the same with my dog. Looking back, it is unfortunate I decided not to listen to her until my good friend was devastatingly ill. Who knows the levels he suffered because of my ignorance.

How Worms In Dogs Flourish

My friend explained that first and foremost, domesticated dogs and wolves are physiologically one and the same. Mother Nature had designed the canine species to assimilate essential enzymes and nutrients from a raw meat diet. If there is one thing that would kill the enzymes my dog needed to thrive, it was the heat processing rendered commercial dog food goes through.

In essence, I had been feeding my dog already digested food- for two years. Without the right nutrients, there was no way for my dog’s system to stay healthy. Plus, Rufus’s system was being broken down even further from preservatives, additives and other chemicals in his food. This made it more than easy for worms to take hold and flourish while my dog deteriorated.

How Raw Food Saved My Dog

Rufus was becoming seriously ill and nothing was working. It had to be his nutrition. I switched my dog to a raw dog food diet right away- and we never looked back. Within weeks of feeding the new raw dog food, I noticed a marked improvement in Rufus. I watched closely as his coat went back to its sleek sheen, his appetite became robust again and the lethargy started receding out of sight. My eyes were finally opened to the fact that I had inadvertently been playing a role in my dog’s illness. Yet, another fact was that I didn’t have to anymore. The dog food cans and bags and dog wormer went straight to the trashcan.

The Natural & Powerful Worm Killer for Dog Worms Symptoms

Dog WormsHow to get rid of worms in dogs? Instead of a chemical laden wormer, we switched to a tincture of black walnut, wormwood capsules and cloves. The natural ingredients not only work together to get rid of worms in dogs systems, they do it by working gently with a dog’s immune system rather than suppressing it. That time fifteen years ago was the last incident we had a problem with worms. In fact, beyond a harried incident with a pugnacious Pug, we have yet to see a vet since.

I never fail to advocate a natural diet for dogs with worms- or even without worms. Everyone deserves to have a Wonder Dog like Rufus and a raw natural diet for worms in dogs is the first step.

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Dan is an experienced dog nutrition and home remedy specialist, helping pet parents heal chronic dog health problems with healthier kibble, home cooked and raw food diets and using effective, safer natural home remedies for a healthier, happier and longer lived dog.


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