Raw Meat Diet for Dogs – The Best a Dog Can Get

Raw Meat Diet For DogsThose looking to start feeding a raw meat diet for dogs will need a practical information packed resource like Real Food for Dogs by Dan Scott.

With the number of pet food recalls, attention to natural diets has recently spiked.

The concept of a raw diet is obviously the most logical and complete diet for a dog; however, as many are unfamiliar with raw feeding, making the switch can seem rather daunting. This easy to read guide offers readers the basics that make heading in the right direction hassle free.

Feeding a raw meat diet for dogs is easy because Real Food for Dogs by Dan Scott tells you:

  • Exactly how to transition your dog step by step to raw meat diet for dogs recipes with a straightforward meal plan that is easy to follow and put into practice
  • The ingredients list, what to use, what not to (and why), how much to feed, how often and when
  • What to feed a puppy and what meal changes are necessary as it grows
  • Complete answers to most frequently asked questions
  • How to quickly prepare delicious natural treats that will have your dog begging to be trained
  • How to offer variety while still maintaining a perfect nutritional balance

What Do the Experts Say About Raw Dog Food?

Renowned veterinarians that have taken it upon themselves to study canine nutrition have this to say about the all natural raw meat diet for dogs:

DR. Doreen Hock DVM
“Based on the current literature and our own experience, we believe that pets thrive… have more energy and vitality, their coats are thicker and shinier, their teeth need cleaning less often, they have fewer allergy problems and they live longer, healthier lives…”

Pet Connect magazine (Issue 1 Oct. 2005)
A new (old) industry is in the making where pets are fed as nature intended. These are exciting times where fascinating new information comes to the fore after years of suppression.
DR. Tom Lonsdale BVet Med, MRCVS
“A natural diet acts as food and medicine for pet carnivores. It works wonders and minor miracles. We need those benefits now”

The real proponents of the all natural raw meat diet for dogs are those that have tried it for their own canine companions: Some customer Testimoials-

“It’s been about 7 weeks now and I can’t believe it, my two actually look years younger.”

“now my little sweetheart is fed the kind of food he relishes”

“I started ‘Bonito’ on the new diet straight away and within just a few weeks the gas stopped, the doggy breath stopped, the hair stopped falling out and the diarrhea stopped too.”

“Some owners say it’s worth the peace of mind, and it helps them feel closer to their animal companions. Be aware though, that once your pet finds out what real, whole foods taste like, they may not want to go back.”

“I can’t help comparing my dogs to kibble-eating dogs; nevertheless, there’s just no comparison.”

A dog depends on its owner to stay healthy and offering a diet comprised of chemicals and waste products is hardly fulfilling the obligation. However, providing an all natural raw food diet for dogs that works as both food and medicine is. A natural diet can mean the end of everything from allergies to temperament problems for a dog; all with little input of a vet.

Watch the short video below to discover how a raw diet for dogs  brings long term health and wellbeing.

The Healthiest Dog Food in the World

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