How to Make Raw Dog Food and Delicious Dog Treats

How to make raw dog foodHow to make raw dog food can be as easy or as complicated as you want to make it and still achieve the best outcome. Let me explain.

Dogs like some variety in their diet, it helps to balance the diet and give them a good cross section of nutrients to aid and assist in all the complicated internal biological processors taking place every second of every day.

The Perfect Meal in Less Than 3 Minutes!

However because dogs have an incredibly adaptive system, they do not need a complete and balanced meal with all the extras every single day. They do just as well if not better with days of single ingredient meals as they do with days of 5 or 6 ingredient meals which is lucky for you because it means less work. And I’ve developed a convenient meal rotation system that takes no more than 3 minutes to prepare the most complicated meal for your dog while still retaining a complete and balanced nutrition profile.

Four Decades in the Making

I’ve researched canine nutrition for 8 years and have been feeding raw dog food recipes for 40+ years – can’t believe it’s been so long! My system of feeding is based on wild dog research to closely approximate your dog’s nutritional needs for real world results – simply great long lived health and wellbeing.

Ok so your dog is adaptable which is great news. They can eat a single choice of food one day – simply defrost and serve and another day you’ll prepare something more complete in nutritional variety. This levels things out, gives your dog just what they need and with the system I advocate you never spend more than 3 minutes on the most complicated dish and that’s feeding just once per day.

Raw Dog Diet – Miracles Can Happen!

Raw Food Diet Dogs LoveWhen you switch your dog’s diet from commercial canned and packet food to natural home prepared dog food, the difference it makes to your dog’s life is nothing short of amazing. You notice things about your dog you never noticed before, you even notice things about yourself you never noticed before – all of them good.

First of all, it brings you a little bit closer to them both physically and mentally. They now smell like cuddly toys instead of that funky doggy smell and their hair stops coming out when you rub your hand over their coat. The closer mental connection is to do with shifts in your perception and no I won’t bore you with the scientific details but it’s magical and results in more peace of mind for you – like that feeling you get when you slump down in your favorite cozy chair after a hard day at work – something we could all do with.

How to Make Raw Dog Food – 2 Awesome Homemade Dog Food Recipes

Here’s a good example of how to make your own raw dog food: Based on a 25lb (12kg) dog of high energy and feeding 3% of total lean body weight in one daily meal.

  • Recipe 1 – Tripe Supreme

  • Recipe 2 – Beef Body Booster

Recipe 1: Tripe Supreme – 12oz (335grm) Raw Green Tripe 

Directions: Raw green tripe is found through some local butchers or via the internet as frozen delivery. It’s generally pretty cheap to buy but the best part is it’s amazing dog food. It has such a great nutrient profile. It’s very balanced between calcium generally found in bones and phosphorous found in muscle meat. So this means you get excellent value for money and no bones to concern yourself with if that does actually concern you. And it’s full of vitamins, mineral, flavinoids, live enzymes, pre and probiotics and other goodies your dog will benefit from. And dogs absolutely love it! It’s also an excellent starter food for puppies too as it’s digested very easily.

Take 12oz of raw green tripe, defrost in warm water for 30 minutes and serve. Just adjust the amount for your dog’s lean weight, energy and activity level. About 6.5 seconds later your dogs bowl will be empty and you’ll have a happy dog whose body is now surging with good energy (not bad energy from commercial fast food filled with chemical additives).

Yes it sounds almost too good to be true that you can feed a single ingredient homemade raw dog food recipe almost as fast as the convenience packaged pet food but with far superior nutritional benefits.

Recipe 2: Beef Body Booster – 9 oz of beef mince, 1 canned sardine, 1 large pinch of very finely chopped parsley, a dash of coconut oil and a 1/4 tsp of freeze dried super greens.

Directions: You can use beef mince or swap out for lamb, chicken or pork mince for example. Don’t buy the expensive lean stuff, just get the cheapest available as nutritionally it’s as good if not better.

  • Buy canned sardines in water best or olive oil second best. The 4oz (100gm) can usually has 3 fish in it – use 1 fish for this recipe and place the rest in the fridge for further meals. sardines are great for omega 3’s and balancing out the high Omega 6’s in the beef plus they are convenient – yes, I love convenience too!
  • One large pinch of parsley – enough to fill an egg cup – then very finely chopped or fine grated and added to the bowl. Parsley is great for it’s cleansing properties – helps to purify the blood, and it’s rich in nutrients your dog will benefit from.
  • Add a dash of coconut oil by scraping out a few shavings from the jar with a teaspoon. Most supermarkets will have coconut oil and this food stuff is simply amazing for it’s nutritional and healing properties. It’s anti bacterial, anti viral and anti inflammatory – just great stuff for dog health.
  • Lastly add in 1/4 tsp of green super foods. This is another one of my special additions to a dogs diet you may not hear about. By adding in a little of this super food you are giving your dog added minerals, vitamins, sea greens, a huge variety of antioxidants and other great health giving nutrients your dogs body can process and take nutritional value from. You’ll find it online and yes there are many brands and not all created equal but I promised my customers to keep the clear winner amongst themselves.

Voila, 2 complete and balanced homemade raw dog food recipes to keep any dog in amazing health, cure 9/10 health complaints, extend life and create wellbeing, oh and put a big smile on your face when you see the positive difference these two dishes make. And I’ve got many more mouth watering healthy 3 minute raw dog food recipes easy to prepare and powerfully optimized for your dogs overall health and wellbeing.

Get the Simple Balance Right and Your Good to Go

By spreading out your dogs raw food diet over several weeks you’ll easily achieve balance. Yes there’s plenty of background information to help you switch your dogs diet the right way and get the whole feeding routine running smoothly and my book covers it all from A to Z step by step but the essential element of the diet is pretty simple and you soon get the hang of it. In fact once your up and running as so many of my customers tell me, it becomes second nature and they wished they’d made the switch years ago.  My reply is as always, today is always the best time to start.

How About Making Your Dog Healthy Homemade Dog Liver Treats?

Here’s a video I made about how to make the perfect homemade dog treats. The enthusiasm your dog will have for these treats is pretty special. So far I have not had even 1 dog owner tell me their dog doesn’t love them, in fact if your dog catches on that there’s a liver treat coming their way they’ll do anything for you.

Think of all the training possibilities using these treats as rewards or simple behavior modifications you want your dog to make? And the best part is they are super healthy for your dog and don’t contain all those chemical additives and sugar that you find in store bought treats. They are easy to make and freeze for months at a time so you only need to make one batch every few months – easy.

Watch the video below now for perfect dog liver treats.

Delicious Homemade Dog Treats Step by Step

I hope I’ve whet your appetite for how to make raw dog food recipes and feeding your dog the gold standard in canine nutrition.

Get the free report below for more on how to have optimal health for your dog. But honestly, if you’re going to use the recipes I gave you above then you’re ready to try out all the secrets, tips, step by step directions and recipes in my book, have a look now – Click Here

Good luck and enjoy the excitement on your dogs face when they see, smell and taste what’s for dinner.

About Dan

Dan is an experienced dog nutrition and home remedy specialist, helping pet parents heal chronic dog health problems with healthier kibble, home cooked and raw food diets and using effective, safer natural home remedies for a healthier, happier and longer lived dog.


  1. Preparing natural food for your dogs doesn’t require that you follow a detailed recipe. Dogs are not picky, as evidenced that they are willing to eat dry processed pet food. All you need to do is pick the ideal parts of your left overs. You could cut certain parts of the meats you buy and boil that and some rice. It really is simple and doesn’t take any more time than it takes you to prepare your own meals.

  2. Hi Carl, while dogs are not all picky eaters it is important if making home prepared food to follow a recipe so that the meals over time are balanced. Left overs are fine as a small part of the diet but 90% of the meal ingredients should be left raw for best nutritional health for the dog. A dogs natural food source is raw, but your right, it does not take long to prepare meals… just a few minutes each day is nothing.

  3. Making raw dog food is a lot easier than I thought it would be. I like to cook the food though because I give them white rice and potatoes. Is that a good food for them or is it something that I should stop and switch to something else? Which meat is the best to give them, hamburger, chicken or what? And should you ever give fish to a dog?

  4. I think this is great I have seen these homemade dog treats and stuff in the pet store that I frequent and I was wondering if this was something I could make myself. Now I know I can and all I have to do is find some recipes that will work for them. Do these homemade treats and food preserve well or do you waste a lot of food in the storage process?

  5. I have seen this before and just thought that people that did this were crazy about all natural foods and things that it was more for their piece of mind then it was for the dogs health. Now that I have read these posts I believe that I was wrong and that this is a good idea those people weren’t crazy after all. Thank you for getting me started on this.

  6. Hi Ron, no were not crazy lol. It’s the most important thing you could possibly do for your dog. Thanks for seeing the light.

  7. If you freeze them they last for ages. I dug out some forgotten ones the other day that had been in the freezer for two years and my dog loved them! Good luck with making them, your dog will be in for a treat (excuse the pun).

  8. Hi Juliet, best to keep the food raw as that’s how a dog best digests it and opposite to us. Re the potatoes and white rice, I would not give those and stick to raw meats, meat on the bone, offal and some vegetation. Feed the meats we eat only raw. Fish is fine as long as your dog likes it.

  9. Pets that eat contaminated food can carry germs even if they appear healthy. Salmonella germs can cause diarrhea in people, which can be mild, severe, or even life threatening. Children under 5 years old, adults aged 65 years and older, and people with weakened immune systems are at higher risk for severe illness. With the proper attention to what you choose to feed your pet and how you feed them, you could keep you and your pets healthy and safe from germs that could be found in pet food.

  10. I understand this and I believe in it but I am not one to feed them raw meat and such because I just can’t stomach that. I was always told to at least boil it for them or something to kill the bacteria in it that could cause them to get sick, are you not supposed to do that? This is very interesting stuff and I appreciate your feedback to the comments.

  11. Hi Juliet, when we come to an understanding of our dogs needs as a generalised carnivore we must put aside our own conventions for their betterment. Boiling meat decreases it’s usefulness as nutrition to our dogs. A dog is made to handle higher loads of bacteria so there is no problem. I appreciate your comments, thanks Juliet.

  12. Hi Andrew, yes the FDA recommend young children and the old or infirm stay away from kibbles as it may contain Salmonella. Meanwhile dogs carry some Salmonella strains in their gut naturally and their is no effect on dogs from Salmonella in meat or consequently spreading Salmonella in their fur or stool – turns out myths were being spread about this to malign the feeding of raw food diets to cats and dogs.

  13. Thank you so much for the work you have put into all the posts that you have done here lately for our four legged family members. I worry about my dogs and I want what is best for them but this is something that I haven’t done for them yet. I am pleased to say that I am going to start though and can’t wait to see their reaction.

  14. I get that the purpose for feeding a Raw Food Diet to dogs is to introduce all-natural foods in order to replicate what wolves, the domestic dog’s ancestor, naturally eat in the wild. It does make sense that by forgoing commercial kibble and instead eating a combination of uncooked bones, meats, small amounts of vegetables and organs, raw food enthusiasts believe that dogs can achieve a better state of overall health than their commercially-fed counterparts.

  15. Slow and steady does more than just win the race, it can also be a key to success when you are introducing a new pet food to your pet. This is especially true if you’re introducing the raw food diet to your cat or dog. Since sudden changes disrupt your pet’s digestive system, it’s important to gradually change your pet’s diet by slowly introducing new food mixed with the old.

  16. After doing some research, I learned that wolves do NOT eat the stomach contents of their prey. Only if the prey is small enough (like the size of a rabbit) will they eat the stomach contents, which just happen to get consumed along with the entire animal. Otherwise, wolves will shake out the stomach contents of their large herbivorous prey before sometimes eating the stomach wall.

  17. Our dog was just diagnosed with diabetes. He is a 15 lbs. How much raw food should we be feeding him. The vet is supposed to be ordering special food for his diabetes but if raw is better I will tell him we are going raw. We don’t eat alot of red meat is a chicken diet ok for him.
    He is a dashund.
    thank you

  18. I am so glad that I ran across your blog I have a little girl that has a very sensitive stomach or something and every week at least once she will throw up everything she ate that day. I am hoping by giving her a raw food diet that this will stop but I also thought about just potato and rice what do you think about that? Please let me know.

  19. Hi Sandra, wolves only eat a small amount of vegetable based content and as you rightly pointed out often it’s from consuming whole small prey. They do shake out the stomach contents to get at the lining as it’s so nutrient rich and easy to eat. I’ve also observed raptors doing the same thing, shaking out the guts and eating the muscle meat and organs only.

  20. Hope, a raw food diet will do wonders for your dogs condition. Not only will it provide the nutrients your dog needs but will boost his immune system making him stronger and better able to heal and prevent further health problems. You vet may well mean well but his choice in pet food just won’t cut it – I’ve seen this many times and personally I’d refuse such food.

    A raw food diet is pretty easy to get into after the initial challenge of what, where and how and honestly, I’d just get my book, read it through and follow the steps so you have a complete picture of what to do. You’ll need a little more balance to the diet than chicken only so you can best serve your dogs condition and the book will help plus you can ask me questions if you need extra help.

  21. Hi John, yes fresh food will stop the problem and no, do not feed potato and rice. Potato is bad for a dog – not far behind sugar – and rice is ok in small amounts only but not an ideal nutrition source as dogs make simple sugars from the proteins in meat – they don’t naturally have a need for carbohydrates.

  22. Pets are an extremely important part of our life and I can’t even begin to imagine our family’s lives without our loveable and floppy Basset Hounds, Fred and Lucy. They bring all of us so much joy and comfort, and I know we are fortunate to have them. Unfortunately, there are so many pets and animals who aren’t as fortunate as Fred and Lucy to be part of a loving family like ours.

  23. Hi Amy, thanks for sharing your love for Fred and Lucy. Dogs are such a big part of our lives and by taking some time to learn a little about what’s better for them to eat enriches both our lives.

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