Cancer In Dogs-How to Prevent and Reverse Naturally

Cancer In DogsCancer in dogs is worryingly common. In fact, it’s reported that cancer is detected in nearly half of dogs over the age of ten years old and some dogs are diagnosed with the disease from as young as two and three years old! It’s alarming to say the least.

Not only is it hard to come to terms with emotionally, but if you go on to pay for treatment – as most loving pet owners would do without hesitation – you’ll be looking to pay some costly vets bills. On top of this, think of your poor dog. They not only have to suffer the effects of the cancer itself, but also the ongoing medication. It’s not exactly a pleasurable experience.

Cancer In a Dog Can Be Avoided-Here’s How?

It’s almost shameful when you realize cancer in dogs can largely be avoided, simply by the diet you feed them. Yes, it’s true, commercial dog food is a major cause of cancer in dogs. Forget bad breeding, breed specific anomalies, hygiene, environment and any other excuse people throw about seeking to avoid the truth, the fact is; a poor diet is the main culprit for your beloved companion’s discomfort.

If you were to see firsthand what goes in to most commercially manufactured dog food, you likely wouldn’t be the least bit surprised. Dead, diseased and disabled animals, you name it. And consider this, workers involved in the process of producing this type of food need to wear protective gloves and masks when handling some of the chemicals used to make and preserve it. They’re toxic. We wouldn’t even consider consuming such harmful ingredients, yet they’re considered perfectly fine for our four legged friends?! It’s crazy.

What Causes Cancer in Dogs?

Needless to say, this type of food is the culprit behind a lot of dog health issues and illness, but let’s take a look at its role in cancer in dogs specifically. With the continuous consumption of low nutritional food and a cocktail of chemicals, the various bodily systems in your dog are going crazy, including the immune system. Certain toxins will be excreted through the skin as well as through diarrhea, but over time, this constant attack on the immune system will inevitably break it down to the point where it can barely do its job. This in turn makes way for rogue and mutated cells to develop into cancer, with nothing to stop the process.

It’s at this point your vet then makes the recommendation to supply your friend with countless more chemicals to fight the cancer – to the tune of thousands of dollars!

What are the symptoms of cancer in dogs?

Watch this short video I made below for signs of cancer in dogs.

Dog Cancer-How To Heal And Prevent Naturally

Cancer Diet for Dogs

And for preventing cancer in dogs begin by feeding your dog a diet of raw, “real” food, or in other words, what a dog’s body is designed to consume. And more importantly, if your dog already has cancer and you’re looking for a solution, one that has already proven to reverse cancer, opting to replace the current commercial food with this preferred diet should be at the top of your priorities.

Don’t make the mistake in assuming that cancer in your dog is the beginning of the end. Instead of staring down the barrel of high cancer treatment costs with toxic chemotherapy and drugs, look into a raw diet, implement the changes and you’ll likely never look back – not to mention how thankful your dog will be!

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Dan is an experienced dog nutrition and home remedy specialist, helping pet parents heal chronic dog health problems with healthier kibble, home cooked and raw food diets and using effective, safer natural home remedies for a healthier, happier and longer lived dog.


  1. You have been given an award in my blog. Stop by.

  2. 1dannybd says

    My dog has Cushings and has been fed on Science Prescrption Diet all his life,but after reading your artacles i will be changing to a natural diet of raw meat.Are vegetables ok though?

  3. Hi Danny
    Is the Cushings exogenus or endogenous? Any surgery? Any drugs administration? How old is your dog?
    Without any background and with full disclaimer-this is just education here, so all your risk but I have to say it.

    Absolutely I would switch to a raw fed diet. Remember its meat on the bone-you need both for balance and yes a few veggies are ok. You can read around first or get my book from the home page for a comprehensive overview and detailed plan, it’s up to you.

    Let me know if you need further help.

  4. Hey Julie
    Do you know, I saw this comment and thought is was spam as I get this kind of thing a lot. So sorry for that and thankyou very much for your vote of confidence in my blog. I did have a look at you site and enjoyed it very much, your great dogs, the Norwegian landscape and your musings were refreshing. I visited Norway when I was teen many years ago and was facinated by the great Fijords.
    All the best, Dan.

  5. Veterinarian says

    Hi There –

    Do you have any evidence whatsoever that any of the claims you make on this website are true? Any links to actual sites about the claims you make about toxic chemicals in food or any actual scientific studies proving a direct causal relationship between “commercial pet food” and cancer? Additionally – anyone interested in a raw food diet, particularly for puppies, should read up on the topic of rickets and other nutritionally based diseases that can severely compromise a young dog’s development. Dogs need a complete and balanced diet, and simply eating raw meat, even on the bone, cannot physically provide that. There are good and bad qualities of commercial dog food out there, and it is theoretically possible to feed an excellent, well balanced raw diet, but anyone considering this really needs to do real homework and discuss the idea with a veterinarian or a legitimate raw food pet company especially when feeding young growing dogs. Google canine rickets and you will see what I mean.

  6. Hi,
    Ok, evidence, let me see. First off, if it’s scientific, as in controlled experiment style then no. If it’s ok to go the circumstantial route, then yes plenty. My usual type of evidence is the plain variety ie dog saved from mental and physical torture by toxic commercial mush to live a life of vibrant health. For starters there’s a page of evidence in the form of testimonials above in the navigation bar. I’ve helped a ton of dogs get well in some form or another. They have stopped heavy shedding, cleared up anal sac problems, stopped ear infections permanently, healed nasty skin rashes, cleaned up gums and teeth, lifted heavy dark clouds of mental fog/stress/aggression/depression/fear and even cured cancer to name but a few of them.

    My free report above will give you a few insights into just how toxic commercial pet food is.

    This is the whole point-a raw food diet is balanced. Ok it’s never going to be perfect but compared to commercial mush it’s the difference between night and day-period. Oh and yes there’s more to it than just meat or bones which is why I wrote the book “Real Food For Dogs” which covers the whole switch to a new life affirming diet for dogs.

    There is only one quality of commercial dog food out there and it’s crap, all cooked, co-packed, additive ridden fast food crap! Only the marketing makes it seem different.

    There’s no theoretical anything to feeding a raw food diet, just do it for the sake of your dogs health and wellbeing. If your vets on board great, if not, take control of the situation and become your pets nutrition expert. It wont take long and you will know more than your vet ever did-he’s the one who’s selling product for commisions!!!

    Ive been feeding raw since before nearly ALL raw food companies were even conceived of, so I know a thing or two about dogs and nutrition. My hands are not tied by governing bodies, politics, big pharma or greed so you always get a straight answer and an honest approach.

    Thanks for the heads up on canine rickets, now I’ve got the answer for that too.

  7. The comments about “commercial foods bein full of crap” is absolutely ridiculous.
    I concur a raw diet can be wonderful; shiny cot, healthy teeth, fully functioning immune system etc, but fed incorrectly and it can majorly interfere with a puppy’s and a dogs core development. In a similar sense, some pet foods can be horrendous. Lord knows I do not recommend as a trained nutritionist that not all dog goodsa are good, some are awful, overpriced bags of derivatives that I wouldn’t feed my worst enemy. BUT and it is a huge but, some are extremely good. I very much doubt you can confidently claim you know every single food out there and therefore you should not be judging all foods the same. Infancy I think it is highly irresponsible of you to make such sweeping statements as they can be very misleading. You will notice I am not deviating away from the BARF diet, but I shall and always will defend particular brands of dog and cat food that are out there for people to buy.

  8. Thank you for entering into the conversation-I do appreciate your thoughts.

    However, when I mean “commercial foods being full of crap” I did actually mean it and here is briefly why for three reasons:

    First off, it’s cooked so it’s “dead food” (no live enzymes for example) which is no good for any canine period.

    Secondly, commercial dog food has to be preserved, colored, made palatable and a host of other chemical procedures before canning or extrusion to kibble. At present there are 29 different chemicals that can find their way into commercial dog food and remember, there is no law governing the procedure, just guidelines! (and we know how useless guidelines are to profit hungry food giants)

    Third, the practice of co-labeling is in operation which makes a mockery of labels and really knowing what’s in that expensive can of uber quality dog food, remember melamine?

    To be really honest, there’s little chance of getting a raw food diet wrong and affecting any “core development”. Commercial Puppy diets are a disaster and commercial dog food in general should be banned at any price point it’s that bad.

    Let’s take hip dysplasia for example. If all puppies were fed a raw food diet from 6 weeks on, 90% of this condition would be gone instantly the world over. It’s the diet and not as many believe genetics, breed etc for this malady.

    Please stop defending anything cooked in cans and packets and tell these dog owners the whole truth… and get down the butchers for the good stuff.

    I spend my life clearing up after this commercial death trap called dog food. You really may not be aware of just how unconcerned these corporate giants are for dog health-they don’t care one little bit and fully participate in handing over a sick nation and it’s dogs to the drug giants to continue the profit gravy train.

    These are no mere musings; this is how it is under the yoke of modern day industrial military complex rule.

    Honestly, show me any brand of dog or cat food that is even remotely adequate nutrition.

    The cognitive dissonance surrounding natural dog nutrition took three generations and billions of dollars to make set and it’s powerful. Now most people recoil at the mention of feeding a piece of raw meat to a dog, its natural food-this is insanity.

    Always re-evaluate and refresh the mind with new ideas, it’s the only way we can stay closer to the truth.

  9. Char Leffingwell says

    I’ve only just started looking at your blog and for the most part I agree with you. Commercial dog food is comparable to human fast food. It’s the reason cancer is so prevalent in both canine and human. Our food supply is toxic. Here’s my concern… The meat, cattle, chickens etc, being raised in our country( the U.S.) is being fed a toxic diet so it seem that in turn feeding this to our dogs can be problematic. I make homemade food for my dogs in a slow cooker and cook just enough to kill bacteria. I also only use organic ingredients. I’d love to hear your views on this…please enlighten me!

  10. Hi Char, Totally understand you and your right. As a minimum I would go with grass fed/free range food.

    Regarding the slow cooker, it will also kill or damage most of the enzymes in the meat which means far less nutritional value to your dog. Especially as your using Organic ingredients, I feel your wasting the opportunity to feed fully raw food for best lifelong health.

    As for the bacteria, this is practically a non issue. Your dogs stomach acid will deal with this no problem. My view is to get on and feed the raw food as is for optimum health.

  11. Hi

    I have a schnauzer and was just diagnosis with colon cancer.. I don’t want to put him down and I know I am being selfish but what can do stop the cancer and prolong his life


  12. Hi Rowena, the best thing for cancer in the first instance is to start your dog on a fresh food diet, and this will do two things; 1- stop all the bad things in commercial dog food entering your dogs body and 2- begin boosting your dogs immune system to help fight off the cancer cells. Raw food is it’s own active medicine.

  13. Dan,

    I just came home from the vet with a cancer diagnosis of Hemangiosarcoma. He had to have his spleen removed which had several tumors on it. One had ruptured and was bleeding into his abdomen making him real sick which prompted the rush to the vet and emergency surgery to remove the spleen. Now they are recommending chemo. Do you think I have a chance at prolonging my dogs life if I change him to a raw diet?

  14. Hi Vicky, it’s a tough time and I understand your situation. My response is always this – a raw food diet will act as healing medicine to allow the dogs battered immune system time to balance out and get stronger at protecting the body from pathogens. A raw food diet will create a balanced PH in the body and be very effective in starving out the cancer cells (it’s most important not to allow any sugars into the body, this includes all starches!). So yes, you have a better chance, in fact it would be my first option at healing before any chemo which is hard on the body, esepecially when the body is in such bad shape. If your willing, get my program, you’ll have full email support and I can guide you through the diet transition.

  15. I have a 13 year old Pembroke with Lymphoma. Do you have a book or recipes that help to slow the progression of cancer? I know in humans a plant based diet will help to slow or reverse cancer, but understand that dogs need to eat different than we do.

  16. Hi Amiee, I do have a book on the raw food diet, plus a one to one coaching option and a home remedies book with cancer treatments. They are all listed on the right side panel or email me using the contact page and I can help you further.

  17. Dan, my dog has pituitary Cushings. I changed his diet recently to split peas, brown rice, ground beef, carrots. How do I reverse this. He also takes CBD and milk thistle. He is 14 year old Pomeranian/chihuahua. He also has issues with his kidneys and a heart murmur. What do you recommend? Thank you so much!

  18. Hellow Heidi, thats a lot of health issues! Honestly, I can’t comment here without health history and there’s so much to this situation. Your little Chi/Pom needs special diet and supplementation beyond your gallant efforts so far. If you’d like to discuss this further, email me at danscott(at) This is a delicate situation that needs some thought.

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