About Dan Scott

Dan Scott with his dog RoccoDan was born in on an outback Australian sheep farm handed down for five generations. His earliest memories of dog life were working sheep dogs and his pet dog, a black Labrador retriever called  ‘Topsy’ who shared many adventures while roaming on the farmland.

Throughout his life Dan owned dogs and in his thirties he began to question why dogs are no longer fed naturally as they had been for generations on the farm.  He considered whether this had an effect on their present day health.

Dan spent the next ten years researching the subject, he was so moved by the degeneration of dog’s health since the introduction of commercial dog food just 75 years ago, he decided to do something that would bring about a positive change.  He put his findings together in a report entitled 3 Keys to Unlock Ultimate Dog Health.

Dan has gone on from inspiring his local community with his consistent message on the benefits of their dogs eating a real food diet and on daily walks with his dog Rocco, to being recognised as a global leader on canine nutrition and natural remedies.

Before deciding to write his book ‘Real Food for Dogs‘ and most recently his step by step ‘Real Food for Dogs Video Program‘, Dan coached many individual dog owners, – see testimonials – helping them understand the many health advantages of feeding their dog a natural diet and using effective home remedies and teaching them how to save money by switching over from highly processed commercial dog food with outstanding results.

Dan is now passionately dedicated to teaching people worldwide the dangers of feeding their beloved companions commercial processed dog food and the heavy reliance on veterinary drugs.  He is recognised as a leader in promoting how to have low maintenance dogs with exceptional long lasting health through diet and natural remedies. Dan is a popular speaker whose talks are based on his indepth research.

In addition Dan has authored other books and reports: Working With Your Vet, Twelve Dog Behaviour Problems Solved, Canine Emergency Techniques and Vaccinations.

Dan’s work is published nationally and he regularly contributes articles globally.