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Quick, easy and YUMMY dog treat recipes using wholesome, nutritious and healthy ingredients your dog will love and you'll feel great making

“Thank you, this is just the book my dog needed, great thought has gone into using healthy ingredients. Having fun making the recipes and my little fur-baby is loving every one!”

Genie Little

Commercial Processed Treats Are Putting Your Dogs Health At Risk

Are you one of the many pet owners who fall into the trap of buying packet treats, and thinking they are safe for your dog to eat.

Unfortunately that’s not the case.

Most commercial processed treats are loaded with unhealthy ingredients, preservatives, colorings, e-numbers, sugars and worse!

Commercial processed dog treats are filled with wheat, corn, soy and other fillers - all highly allergenic​ to our dogs.

This contributes to your dog's skin allergy problems, excessive scratching, frequent paw licking, ear infections, dry nose, runny eyes and add to internal health problems.

Toxic contaminants in commercial dog treats cause constant recalls and heartbreak.

allergies and asthma

​Many packet treats are made in China with no control over the ingredients as I’m sure you’ve heard about all the pet food recalls.

In fact, what some pet food manufacturers are now doing is make up the ingredients in China and then ship it all to the United States to be packed and stamped as ‘Made in the USA’ Shocking but true!

I highly advise you to steer clear of them as they can expose your dog to nutritional imbalances and health problems.

Instead, focus on making a batch of healthy nourishing treats your dog will instantly love.

Homemade Dog Treat Recipes You Must Try Today

Homemade Treats for Healthier Dogs by Dan Scott

The good news is that many dog owners are now becoming nutrition-savvy and vigilant of what they feed their dogs.

​And it’s easy once you know how, to use healthy ingredients that will actually benefit your dog.

To get you started, I'd like to share with you my e-book, Homemade Treats for Healthier dogs: 77 easy-to-make wholesome nutritious recipes your dog will love.

This e-book is filled with homemade dog treat recipes, made using the most beneficial ingredients that your dog will love and benefit from.

What You'll Discover Inside Homemade Treats For Healthier Dogs:

Vanilla and carob cookies

77 Delicious Dog Treat Recipes

Over 77 easy-to-make recipes – crunchy morsels, savory treats, and even dog-friendly sweet treat recipes to help your dog be more happy and healthy year round.

Almond and pumpkin pleasures

Treat Recipes For Health

Special dog recipes for certain health conditions, including Cushing’s disease, diabetes, allergies, fleas and doggy breath.


I Show You What's Best For Your Dog

To guide you better, I’ve included helpful lists of everything you need and links to where you can see exactly what the healthiest ingredients look like and what’s in them so you know you’re doing the best for your dog. 

Cheese and Kale Chips

Expert Nutrition Tips Important For Your Dog

Lots of nutrition tips, handy hints and facts to help you be more informed on what’s best for your dog.

A Note From Dan

"I really enjoy creating recipes and making healthier dog treats with all the great flavors dogs love and feeling good sharing with friends, family and work colleagues.

I highly recommend the Cheese and Kale Chips you can see in the photo above... My dog loves them but I have to admit, I ate way more than I gave him lol." 

Dan Scott

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  • Not returning or even running off when called
  • Incessant barking
  • Pulling on the leash making walks stressful
  • Chewing things they shouldn't
  • Food aggession
  • Fearfulness
  • Begging

So here's how to...

  • Introduce your new shelter dog to her new home and avoid the crucial mistakes dog owners make
  • ​Curb food aggression
  • ​Stop separation anxiety
  • Be your dogs leader
  • The 7 basics of dog psychology for an improved relationship and many more..

​​Straight forward, stress free, this book contains 12 of the most important behavioral changes you can make in your dog that will transform both your lives in quick succession.

12 Dog Behavior Problems Solved:

The Stress Free Way to Great Behavior From Your Dog

We love our dogs and we want the best for them.


We do our best to train our dogs in the basics, but boy oh boy do we get some free-willed behavior we wished they wouldn't have, such as the following chronic behaviors..

So few dog owners know what to do in an emergency with their dog, do you?

​Often by the time you get to the vet it's too late, when a few simple techniques are all that's needed to save your dogs life or at least make them comfortable until professional help arrives.

This ebook sets out in simple and clear language the following:

  • ​The emergency 1st aid kit you should always have to hand.
  • How to treat wounds, everyday cuts and abrasions to car accidents, choking and CPR.
  • ​What to do in each situation to best comfort your dog.

Vital information that can literally be the difference between life and death.

Canine Emergency Techniques:

Kit, Cuts and CPR, Simple Techniques That Could Save Your Dogs Life

1st aid guide for the dedicated dog companion.

What customers are saying...

Doug and his dog

Great book with healthy recipes I know are good for my dogs.

With all the dangers we are having with dog treats from China killing our dogs and making people sick from handling them I decided to make my own healthy treats

​Doug L. Wood

West Highland Terrier

​I got your book immediately and have followed it precisely.

I really like your attitude and your advice, and I am so thankful that your book is out...

I hope that millions of people will read it and appreciate the many hours of work that went into it.

​Susan H.

Our 6.5-month-old GSD pup had huge 'stomach issues'.

Finding a treat he would not get diarrhea from was a real problem for me. Now, it is not and he is as happy as I am!

​Mary Wade

Labradore retrievers

Wilber and Buster are doing great... I am so grateful that you wrote the book.

For what it's worth, you changed my life with your wisdom.

Wilbur litterally was rescued from a certain unnecessary early demise. Thanks so much and have a wonderful day, Carrie

​Carrie F.

Sue and her Pug

This is a great recipe book, so many awesome recipes to choose from and my dog LOVES them.

Some really cool health tips, how many treats you can feed daily, the foods you can't feed dogs and great links to see exactly what I needed when I wasn't sure whcih ingredients to get.

​Sue Simmonds

Border Collie

I strongly believe following your feeding advice was the foundation to her wellness despite her illness (diabetes).

So thank you again for being a dog lover and sharing your knowledge to help improve the health of dogs everywhere, best wishes gill.

​Gillian F.

I love the treat recipes and the amazing photos.

I wanted to feed my dog a more wholesome, nutritious option for treats. This book offered excellent recipes.

​Joanne Thomas

Pit Bull

My male is looking amazingly good... His digestion issues 100% GONE!

My femail bully... same amazing looks... zero ear infections...

​Chris B.

Lab/Shar Pei Mix

​​My dog is doing great! She loves it!

She's breathing fine!!! I'm amazed! I have not given her any drugs today!!!

Thank you so much,

​JoAn S.

​You Love the book and Your dog loves the treats
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My guarantee is SIMPLE.

I want your dog to have a shot at great all round health long term and you feeling good you did this for them plus save a fortune in vet bills.

I absolutely guarantee Homemade Treats For Healthier Dogs. If for any reason your not delighted with the book just shoot me a quick email and I'll refund you 'no questions asked'.


​What format does the book come in?

​Are the ingredients easy to find?

​Have a concern or question you need an quick answer too?    

​My dog has food allergies, are the ingredients ok for her?

​Is garlic safe for dogs?

Homemade Treats for Healthier Dogs by Dan Scott
Get 77 quick, easy and YUMMY treat recipes your dog will love and you'll feel great making

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Is your dog's health and happiness important to you?

Let me show you how to make delicious dog treats your dog will spin in circles for but more importantly, easy-to-make treats that are healthy, wholesome and nutritious.

​Now you can focus on creating homemade dog treats that will not only delight, but nourish your dog as well.

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