Secrets To Dog Training Review-Indepth Look At Successful Training Guide From Daniel Stevens

Secrets To Dog Training Yes there are a lot of dog training guides out there, most bad and some good but one guide in particular has been very successful for good reason and so I will tell you my thoughts in this Secrets To Dog Training review.

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I get lots of questions weekly relating to dog training and dog problems in general and many concerned dog owners asks the same question, “which is the best dog training”. Once I was even asked how to train a ferret but I won’t go into that one.

As I know a thing or two about training dogs myself, I thought it would be helpful to you by witling it down to just one course that I think is the best at dealing with problem behaviors in dogs. With nearly 40 years of friendship with dogs my core success at enjoying mutual trust and understanding with these inteligent sensitive animals comes from three things. Training, leadership and diet – get these relatively easy areas right and the canine world is your oyster.

What’s great about this dog training guide is that it covers two of the three bases I mentioned above in one. So many dog training courses miss out the crucial element of leadership as a starting point to their dog training practice and Daniel Stevens in this Secrets To Dog Training review gets it right by weaving  this element into the dog training guide which is probably why his dog training has been so successful having helped over 217,000 dog owners discover relationships with their dogs they didn’t know they could have.

Leadership and training go hand in hand, which means you get your dog respecting you and training becomes easy and Daniel Stevens understands this approach. It’s us who cause confusion for our dogs because we simply don’t know where to start which leads to problem behaviors and in many cases they end up at the pound when someone gets hurt out of canine frustration-sad. Case in point is the story of my friends dog Toby.

My Friends Dog Toby Out Of Control!

My friend’s dog had been out of control from the day that she got him. It got to the point where her friends didn’t even want to go over to her house because of this dog. The dog had serious behavior issues that were not only embarrassing to her, but also put her and other people in danger. She paid for training and even took him to doggy school, but nothing worked. It really got to the point where she couldn’t leave the house with him since he was so out of control.

So she started to read online about various resources that would help her and when she finally asked, I suggested that she get Secrets to Dog Training by Daniel Stevens. Daniels product is very successful with all kinds of dogs and particularly problem dogs, so she decided to give it a try.

Secrets to Dog Training Book, CD, Videos and Bonuses: What Do You Get?

Secrets To Dog Training ReviewWhat she discovered from reading Secrets to Dog Training is that this is a comprehensive program that makes sure that your dog is learning only good behaviors all the time. It works quickly, even with dogs that have had lifelong disorderly problems.

The product includes a comprehensive book of over 260 pages that goes into the 25 most common behavior issues and helps you address each one in step by step detail. There is also a free 30-minute video that shows you how to take control of your dog’s behavior, each and every time they act out. And some very worthwhile bonuses, one of which I mention below plus the whole guide as an audio book which is great for listening on the road, something I love to do because  I learn better through repetition this way.

The video is gold in my opinion because it gives you among other things the discovery of how to be the pack leader and stay the pack leader. Get this part right and dog training becomes easy, I know, I’ve been doing this for 30+ years. No matter what your dog’s problem is, there is a solution.

Finally, you also get access to an online forum, where you can ask questions of the Secrets to Dog Training experts, who can provide you with even more answers-no dog problem left unsolved.

Secrets to Training the Perfect Dog – Does It Work?

I can only tell you what I saw from my friend’s results, but the difference is huge. Within the first two weeks, I went over to her house and it was as if she had traded her dog in for another! This dog was much better behaved and didn’t frighten any of us anymore. The dog had quickly learned how to walk on a leash, let alone how to not go to the bathroom in the house anymore.

You will get to read about real-life case studies of people just like you who are dealing with outrageous dog behavior. You will learn the best techniques to use in each situation and how to teach your dog quickly and without hurting them (only positive training methods used). There are even photographs that show you just how to perform some of the techniques in a way that reinforces your message.

What These Results Say

Like I said, my friend’s dog was out of hand. He would pull on his leash, he would chase anything that moved, and he would tear up her house. Secrets to Dog Training has no doubt that Daniels guide and video will have you up to speed quickly just as this product would be the one tool that my friend could use to get her dog’s behavior finally under control.

It didn’t take long for her dog Toby to turn his behavior around. In fact, the worst of his bad behavior was stopped the very first week. By using the techniques that she found in this book, she learned that she really could be the one in charge, instead of her dog.

As it turned out, much of her previous training techniques were doing nothing but confusing her dog, which is something that only results in more bad behavior. Now, everyone loves her dog and her dog loves her.

Sue and her Pug

Jack has made GREAT progress

“I recommend Secrets to Dog Training to everyone who has a dog as a companion. I have learned so much about dog behaviors and how to respond accordingly without yelling or intimidating. Thanks Dan for writing such a great learning tool!”
— Susan Caruso (USA)

Carla and her two German Shepherds

Finally I can now control my dogs

“I have learned so much from your instructions, and my dogs are now following my commands    and I am able to control them. Thanks for the great book.”
— Carla J. Johnson (Long Beach, California, USA)

Lyn and her BischonNo more aggression between my dogs

“Now my puppies eat, sunbake and play together very happily. I would recommend it to anyone who cares about their animals.”
Lyn Spain (Fortitude Valley, QLD, Australia)

Doug and his dog

It worked and she is much better

“It worked and she is now much much better. I am very pleased and satisfied I bought the book. Thanks a bunch Daniel for doing what you do.”
Doug Cummins (Nebraska, USA)

Who Is Secrets to Dog Training For?


  • People who’s dogs are out of control
  • People who’s dogs barking is un-wanted
  • People’s who’s dogs dig, jump up, are aggressive, run off, don’t return when called, bite, chew the wrong things, whine, bolt, pull on leash and suffer from separation anxiety and probably a bunch of other bad behaviors I can’t think of right now.

Should You Try It?

If you are having troubles with your dog, and having read my Secrets to Dog Training review I fully recommend this guide. No matter what kind of problems you are having, you will undoubtedly get better results and have a happier, more controlled animal in your home.

Secrets To Dog Training Review Daniel StevensDaniel is a great guy and he knows his dog training very well and because of this he offers a full no questions asked money back guarantee and if you just want to dip your toe in the water,  he offers a free 6 day course to get you started.

Also and this is how I like to do things (old school) you can get the whole training as a 2-CD package which obviously cost’sSecrets To Dog Training Review by Daniel Stevens extra but it’s nice to have the choice. And if your need and budget is urgent an instant downloadable package is available at great savings.

The Bonuses are all pretty good actually, often they are just bundled to pad out the product but in this case there are 7 really useful bonuses, my favorite being the “Secrets To Becoming The Alpha Dog” particularly as this is another area of great interest for me so highly recommended and incredibly useful. I don’t think even Daniel appreciates how well this and the main guide go together.

Here’s a take-away now – if you do decide to try Daniels guide having read this Secrets to Dog Training review, read and discover the ‘Alpha Dog’ bonus first before choosing which trainings to begin with-it will help tremendously-a tip from me ; )

Secrets To Dog Training Review 1Last Minute Extras!

Oh one more thing and this is a last minute addition which may not be around long according to Daniel and that’s ‘Unlimited Dog Training Consultations’ with full unlimited access to his members only dog community. If you think about it, the option to ask questions 24/7 to dog training experts is golden when you need quick answers from a trusted source.

So all in all, if you want to solve your dog’s behavior problems quickly then this Secrets To Dog Training review gives you an experts go ahead… oh and I’m here any time you want my help with your dogs health.

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