How to Solve Your Dogs Chronic
 Health Problems From
the First Meal

No Changing diet.

Simply add to kibble meals and watch skin problems, tummy troubles, allergies, ear infections and a dozen other day to day health complaints fade fast.

Labradore retrievers

“Wilber and Buster are doing great... I'm so grateful that you wrote the book. changed my life with your wisdom. 

Does Your Dog Have These
Health Problems?

Dear Dog Parent, does your dog suffer health complaints like...

  • ​Skin and coat problems?
  • ​Allergies?
  • ​Digestive problems?
  • ​Ear infections?
  • Bad gas, bad breath or strong doggy smell?
  • ​Yeast build up?
  • Lumps and bumps?
  • ​Immune issues?
  • ​Other inflammatory disorders?

Are you still frustrated buying all those expensive drugs and supplements but they're just not having the effect you'd hoped for?

All the while you still don't know the cause.

Can't put your finger on it!

While the vet recommends prednisone. antibiotics. apoquel. tramadol. Prescription diets. Short term fixes. Long term pain.

​Your dog still suffers!

And Does This Sound Familiar?

"I’ve tried everything from prescriptions from the vet to anything I could find on line for this problem. Most things help temporarily but so far nothing has helped with the source of the problem."

Yolander H.

"Vet prescribed Mometamax which would clear up one ear, then the other ear would get infected, clear up and then the original ear would get infected.... it was a vicious circle."

Susan M.

One Health Problem After Another..

Because if your dog has digestive troubles for example, they'll far more easily suffer allergies, skin problems, infections or other chronic health problems in a kind of cascading effect one on top of the other.


Because they're all linked to the same underlying problem.

And this has got to be playing on your mind, because I know what it's like to have a dog with health problems, I've been there, I know how it feels...

...and quite frankly, feeling worried not knowing what to do and fearing the worst while your dogs suffering right in front of you, I wouldn't wish that on anyone.

This is why it's important to know the following:

​The problem is never the symptom.

The problem is the underlying cause.

​And it's the underlying cause that needs the attention.

Fix the underlying cause by giving your dog the one thing they need. The one thing missing from kibble.

Vet with Shitzu at the practice

Because the health problems build up like a kind of trickle effect from simple day to day nutritional abuse chipping away at your dogs vitality on kibble missing that 'one' all important life giving, healing ingredient.

The Healthy Dog You Want So Much, You Can Have

Feed Your Dog Better book by Dan Scott at HealthyDogForLife

It's your dog's constitutional right to be fit and healthy.

And you deserve a happy, healthy best friend by your side. To walk, to play, to love.

That's right...

The joy of being with your dog without the nagging health worries.

What separates you from experiencing the healthy vitality that you want to see in your dog comes down to one simple factor, which I'll get to below.


You can't keep trawling numerous websites and videos, increasing your confusion.

You can't keep wishing things will get better.

You can't just talk about the problem hoping it will change.

You have a choice.

Right now you can make all the difference to your dog's wellbeing and feel that happy sense of relief that comes with alleviating the 'cause' of your dog's health problems.

My dog means everything to me

That's why I've created the brand new Healthier Kibble Diet. It gets to the heart of healing dogs with persistent health problems from eating a kibble only diet. It's exactly what you need to heal your dog's chronic health complaints.

I'm dedicated to helping you heal your dog in this simple and effective way - and you can get started today.

Try the tested and proven solution,
it works!

Feed Your Dog Better book by Dan Scott

Give your dog what they need to heal and repair 

The "healing trigger" missing from all kibbles and vital to your dogs health

Now it can work its magic 100% naturally.

(for the full story, watch the video at the top)

I'm so committed to your dog's healthier life that I've created the Feed Your Dog Better eBook and inside is the Healthier Kibble Diet. And you can get started today on solving your dog's persistent health issues.

Honestly... I think the healthier kibble diet's revolutionary. Not only because of its quick healing power - you can be feeding your dog to health today, but also because of its simplicity...

​...there's no diet change involved!

I've spent 6 years using it exclusively with 'one to one' customers before public release.

Now I can tell you with 100% assurance that if your dog has the kind of health problems discussed above, the healthier kibble diet is a welcome solution.

Here's what's included in the Book
'Feed Your Dog Better'

Stop my dog pulling on leash

Chapter 1

Why The Health Problems

and How We Got Here

I discuss diet, food choices and healing to help you understand where you’re at and how to easily get started with confidence.

Dog Skin Allergies Distressing Link to Kibble

Chapter 2

Portion Size and the Importance

of Hydration and Exercise

I show you how to get your dog’s daily portion size accurate for weight control and the importance of hydration and exercise.

Tables are provided so everything's worked out according to your dogs body condition, activity and body type - you won't need to guess or figure things out for yourself.

French Bulldog lying on veranda

Chapter ​3

What Your Dog Needs to be Healthy

I dive right into nutrition basics and the importance of the balanced nutrition your dog needs to be healthy.

This will help you understand what healthy nutrition is, the good foods to give your dog and the foods to avoid.

best dog food for pitbulls

Chapter ​4

The Healthier Kibble Diet

I show how to make kibble more nutritious on a budget.

I also show you how to not get misled by those confusing pet food nutrition labels and quickly understand how to choose a good kibble using an easy to read table.

Also Included in the Book

best diet for dogs with cancer

​Expert Kibble Advice

You'll also get my Top 5 kibble recommendations plus I’ll go into how to have a trouble free transition between brands of kibbles, something many dog owners have a problem with.

Causes of Dog Diabetes

​​Tables Provided,

No Guessing

There's a recipe section for the Healthier Kibble Diet with tables provided, just check alongside your dogs weight and activity level.

Dog food is raw food for real health

​Quick Start Guide

There's also a quick start guide to take you through the diet in simple steps.

House Training A Dog

​Full Puppy Program

​I'll also detail how much to feed your puppy so they grow into healthy adults with fewer health problems and an extended life.

Raw Food Dog Diet

​​​Convenient Bulk Recipe

​The book also includes a bulk feeding recipe for even greater convenience. 

Great for when you're traveling, kenneling or just plain busy.

homemade dog food diet

​Links to the Best


​​Plus an extra chapter covering the best, most effective supplements for your dogs needs.

Months of research went into the supplements chapter, evaluating supplements you and I both need for better dog health and I take this very seriously.

Watch As Pesky Allergies Quickly Go Into Reverse

The Healthier Kibble Diet Has One Goal

To teach you step by step to quickly add specific, healing supplemental 'super food' choices to your dogs daily kibble meals . This will eliminate a whole range of health problems fast and simply in the most effortless way possible.

All the while boosting your dogs immune system dramatically and locking in long term great health to cut dog ownerships costs by at least 50% over your dog’s lifetime.

Your Dog Will Now Feel Empowered and Energized by This New Healing Solution

It will make your dog much healthier and happier and you relieved, excited and proud of yourself for trusting your instincts and taking action.*

* 1-2 minutes prep & serve.

100% safe & secure payment

The benefits of a proven healthier kibble diet solution..

  • Watch pesky allergies quickly go into reverse as itching and scratching fade fast, tummy troubles taper down almost overnight while digestion gets back on track.
  • Painful inflammation, sporadic diarrhea, paw scratching ear infections or unsettling skin and coat problems fade fast because the new additions to your dogs food bowl go to work boosting and balancing your dogs immune system.​
  • Now your dogs immune system starts healing health problems making your dog feel healthier, look healthier and behave with more balance and clarity, especially in puppies and seniors.
  • Based on results over 6 years, you'll cut your vet bill by 50% or better.
home remedies for dog dry skin
  • You'll use 33% less kibble each month now that your adding some nutrient rich food supplements which pays for the supplements - plus a 50% reduction in vet costs. Overall your saving money every year!
  • Arthritis eases up, your dogs less stiff, they can move with greater freedom and less pain rolling back the years to live with more energy, clarity and joy in their step.
  • Tummy troubles begin to clear up from day one! Now watch as your dog processes their food through their digestive system with ease, no mess and no fuss.
Dog Crate Training pronlems
  • Fussy eaters will love their food now you've enriched it what they love to eat... and they'll love what you did so much you'll be pestered for the next meal by an excited eager dog!
  • If your dog gets diarrhea problems all too often, you'll witness a massive improvement within days.
  • Candida and yeasty infections such as ear infection reduce fast as your dogs immune system gets back in control, healing these problems without the expense and antibiotics which destroy the good bacteria in your dogs gut.
parvo in puppies
  • Much reduced chance of getting cancers, diabetes, UTI's, kidney disease and liver disease.
  • Your dog gets a massively boosted live enzyme intake - a powerful health aid, especially for older dogs as kibble fed dogs get none, which contributes to long term health decline, diabetes and pancreatitis
  • Your dog won't eat so much grass or other animals poop now they are getting what they need.
  • Plus many other health benefits.

You'll also Receive Two Amazing Bonuses!

(for a limited time only)

I'm going one BIG step further here because as an added bonus you'll also receive 2 more valuable components to cover all bases from one trusted authority for consistent results...

Watch the 'Bonus' video below...

98% of dog owners around the world are using one of these three diets:

  1. ​The Kibble and Canned Pet Food Diet
  2. ​The Home Cooked Food Diet 
  3. ​The Raw Food Diet 

You Get all 3 Complete Diets. Everything Included.

I've also incorporated into the ebook Feed Your Dog Better, all three diets and they are fully comprehensive nothing left out diets with all the extra features of the Healthier Kibble Diet.

As a Canine Nutrition and Home Remedy Expert of 15 years I've used my up to the minute nutrition knowledge to create a fully comprehensive home cooked food diet book complete with 22 delicious recipes and a complete raw food diet book that covers both commercial and home prepared raw food for your dog.

I'm doing this because I want to provide you with as much value as possible. Now you get the latest and best information, your dog gets the help they need with consistent results they'll love and you'll feel great providing.

You'll Not Find a Complete Package Like This,
Anywhere Else on the Planet


The Home Cooked Food Diet

Feed Your Dog Better book by Dan Scott


The Raw Food Diet -

(Commercial and Homemade)

Feed Your Dog Better Dan Scott

My gift to you in your devotion to your dog

The Complete

Home Cooked Food Diet Book

All aspects of the Home Cooked Food Diet Covered..

  • Full ingredients list with links
  • Batch cooking for convenience
  • Supplements for nutrient balance
  • The best oils to cook with
  • The best nutritional ratios
  • Feeding puppies
  • Combining foods
  • Meal plans, prep and dietary variation
  • 22 delicious healthy recipes
  • Quick Start Guide & full weekly feeding timetable
  • And much more...

The Complete 

Raw Food Diet Book

All aspects of the Raw Food Diet Covered..

  • Getting the ratios right & nutrient balance
  • The best starter foods and how much to feed
  • The safest bones for puppies and adults & the best calcium alternatives
  • The exact supplements your dog needs, how much & how often
  • Complete food choice chart
  • Recipes
  • How to prepare and transition your dog to the diet in simple steps & according to age and current health for a smoother process
  • Functional foods & supplements for common health issues
  • Starting finicky eaters & puppies, pregnancy and senior dogs feeding guides
  • How to balance the diet
  • How you can save on shopping for food
  • Commercial raw food options and suppliers resource list
  • Quick start guide & full weekly feeding timetable
  • And much more...

What customers are saying..

Dan, wow what great customer service !!! And you are truly SOOO good at what ya do ;) great attitude great rapport w clients and great on video!!!

But thank you again for all of your hard work and dedication to helping animals!!!:).
This means a ton!!! I have told a few of my fellow pet owner buddies of your program and they are checking ya out too!! Thanks again, Robin

Robin M.

I haven’t seen any digestion issues with either my Border Collie or Min-Pin Pomeranian.

The main change is how they have both stopped scratching and they do have much better breath.

Everthing else: teeth, coat, breath, weight etc. all are way better

Robert N. L.

I can tell you that now I know that I'm doing right by my little loves it has made me very very happy.

Teresa H.

He (Buddy) is back in full swing and even better energy on our walks than before!'ve been my voice of true reason I have not found here on my continent! I am truly grateful!...

I will continue faithfully following your advice and Buddy especially thanks you profusely!

My deepest gratitude to you! ... I have gotten so much mis-information and information directly conflicting between different vets, it’s incomprehensible.

Rebecca A.

I strongly believe following your feeding advice was the foundation to her wellness despite her illness (diabetes).

So thank you again for being a dog lover and sharing your knowledge to help improve the health of dogs everywhere."

Gillian F.

Pepper and Lucy is doing great... we are seeing great signs of healing now. Thank the Lord.


Thank you... You are awesome in all that you do for pet owners.

Carmelita Z.

Dear Dan, thank you so much for your help, you have made me feel so much better…

Martin T. H.

Just wanted to take a minute to thank you for all of your time, education & directions guiding two dog owners who didn't have a clue.

I know Bella is so much better off and she seems so much calmer, she wasn't a stressed out dog, but a better energy/calmer.

If you ever need any endorsements or supportive reviews, please let us know, it's the least we can do.

David & Jamie

Dan really knows what he is talking about, has been supportive, encouraging and always accessible every time I’ve had a question, pointing me in the right direction each time.

Cherie Concannon

His hair started to grow back within a week and a few weeks later his coat became really glossy...

I also noticed he was now more defined and looking better than ever

Daria Epstein

My male is looking amazingly good... His digestion issues 100% GONE!
My female bully... same amazing looks... zero ear infections...

Chris B.

Thank you so much! I appreciate you helping me! Your help is priceless and I hope to return the kindness to you somehow!

My dog is doing great!

Please let me know if theres anything I can do for you!

JoAn S.

I love your straight forward no nonsense approach, it made the whole process easy to understand...

Within just a few weeks the gas stopped, his doggy breath cleared up, the shedding stopped and the diarrhea's gone too.

Julie Hayes

I can’t thank you enough for your assistance!


So far everything is doing great... Mika - the Great Dane with cancer has been doing great.. so signs of worsening and none of pain... she actually has more energy to play now.... will continue with this as all of our dogs have done really well...

Donna B

Thanks for all your help thus far. I am having lots of success with many of the remedies in your book!
Thank you for everything.

Julie V

I wish I knew about it sooner.

When I think of how long I could have prolonged my other animals lives, had I only researched better : (.

Susan K.

Your excellent information literally saved my dogs life...

John Bailey

Wilbur and Buster are doing great… Thanks so much for your help.

For what it's worth, you changed my life with your wisdom. Wilbur literally was rescued from a certain unnecessary early demise.

Carrie F.

Thank you so much for wanting to help me. With all my heart I hope we can beat this horrible disease.

Jacqueline B.

First and Foremost, Your passion and relentless dedication to the health and happiness of dogs is simply the BEST!

Jim Northeim

I appreciate your help and cannot say enough good things about your book and program.

​Thank you for everthing and all the help, Pouya.

Pouya Rezaei

I got your book immediately and have followed it precisely. I really like your attitude and your advice, and I am so thankful that your book is out

Judith R.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge with your fellow dog-owners in the rest of the world.

​Eagle already seems happier, peppier and more loving. …not leaving globs of hair on the carpet and his teeth look better already.

Susan H.

Just wanted to let you know things are going good! Addie loves the new diet
And can't wait to eat... Just wish I stated it sooner!
Thanks for your help

Jill & Dave C.

I just had the 3 at my brothers (veterinarian) for their check up. All is very good. He was surprised at how well there teeth and gums looked.

My 9 yr old acting more like a pup than ever. Thanks, Loren


You are the greatest!

So glad you are helping so many people feed their dogs with healthy, non chemical natural food.

I love to watch my dogs as they rush to eat food that they really love.


Robin, Bill and the Kids

Robin Parlee


Dan Scott

Dan, is an experienced dog nutrition and home remedy specialist of 15+ years, helping thousands of dog owners around the world discover the effective, natural, simple, low cost and swift solutions to having a healthy, happy and low maintenance dog for life.

"It brings me great satifaction reaching out to you with an effective way to heal the underlying cause of your dogs health problems, knowing your dog will benefit right from the first meal.

The ebook 'Feed Your Dog Better' is a must have solution that benefits all dogs and the ideal low cost & convenient way to solve multiple health issues." Dan Scott

Get a healthier dog 12 weeks from now
or your money back!

My guarantee is SIMPLE.

I want your dog to have a shot at great all round health long term and you feeling good you did this for them plus save a fortune in vet bills.

I absolutely guarantee the Healthier Kibble Diet will transform the health of your dog for the better. Your dogs health quickly improves and the health problems they currently face begin to fade fast.

And now your dogs healthier and happier we're both happier. And I'm so confident that the Healthier Kibble Diet will help your dog that if you go through the information, apply it to your dog over the next 12 weeks and don't get the results you want, just shoot me a quick email and I'll refund you 'no questions asked'.

I personally charge $295 for private clients consultation and ongoing coaching. But it's not going to cost you that, I want to make this so simple that you're able to jump into action now.

That's why the Feed Your Dog Better Ebook is just $19.95 to get started today.

Go through everything, apply it to your dog and if you're not happy,

send it back no questions asked, no hard feelings, just wasn’t for you.

"So go ahead, click below and order now"

100% safe & secure payment

Get your dog on the fast track to great health...

I'll never know if you don't buy but if you keep doing the same things over and over again, where will your dogs health be in 12 months from now?

There comes a time when a dog needs something more than 'just' kibble in their meals.

When the health problems start, and that could be as a puppy, adult or senior, but when they do start it's really important not to delay any longer and do something or chronic health problems turn to acute and expensive health problems and then your panicking and feeling guilty over doing too little too late.

Click on the add to cart button and get your dog on the fast track to great health.

100% safe & secure payment

I’m Dan Scott, it’s always an honor to serve you and your best friend.


Within days and weeks of adding these 'extras' to your dog’s kibble meal, you'll notice scratching subside, the coat feeling softer and cleaner smelling, shedding slows, ears become much cleaner as frequent yeast infections stop.

All the while your dogs sensitive 'tummy' rapidly improves, diarrhea stops, anal glands express better, gas improves fast, breath gets fresher quickly, skin improves greatly, arthritic joints start to free up which means less pain and more movement, allowing your dog to move again with the confidence they once had.

And if that wasn't enough, just one minute a day adding some extras to your dogs kibble meals cuts vet bills by at least 50%, (as tested over 6 years!) all the while extending the time your dog has with you.

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