Dog Crate Training for Dogs and Puppies-How To Train Fast

Crate Training PuppiesThere is one form of training that has really grown to be the norm in recent years and that is dog crate training dogs and puppies. If you have a brand new puppy, then one of the best things that you could ever do both for your dog and yourself is to begin crate training puppies overnight so that they know that they have a safe home to go to.

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What Is Dog Crate Training?

There is actually an abundance of reasons why crate training your dog or puppy is a good idea. The first thing you should remember though is that you need a crate that is large enough to hold them properly, and not one that is too big. For that reason alone, you may end up buying several different crates during the course of your puppy’s growing years. Another thing that people often do is block off part of a bigger crate with a pillow or a box, so that the puppy only has access to the amount of room that they really need.

Should You Start Crate Training Dogs and Puppies at Night?

Although dogs are not nearly as nocturnal as cats are, the truth is that they will run around during the night and since puppies don’t always know right from wrong, they could get themselves in trouble. Many people have a crate that is large enough for them to sleep in that is kept either in the bedroom or the kitchen so that the animal can get some sleep and know that when people go to bed, he should to go bed. When you are crate training puppies at night, developing solid sleep cycles is the primary purpose.

What Else Do You Need for Dog Crate Training?

In addition to a proper size crate, you will also need a blanket or pillow for them to rest on and including a toy of some kind in their crate will make both you and the dog feel better. One thing that you should probably not include in a puppy’s crate is either water or food. As much as you might want them to have the opportunity to drink or eat during the night, the chances that they can spill both of those items or start playing with them in the night is too great. If they really need water or food, they will let you know and you can let them out.

Where Can I Learn More About Crate Training my Dog?

If you are new to having a dog or even if you have had them before but have never used crate training as a way of setting a schedule and developing good habits for your puppy, then one of the best things you could do to get started would be to get help from a reliable source. If you are having dog crate training problems or crate training an older dog, the following training has you covered too.

I really like Dove Cresswell, this aspiring dog training expert really knows her stuff and is a Hollywood dog trainer with first-hand knowledge on how to train dogs of all kinds and is offering her dog training program online. Dove has a gift for training puppies in particular and you will learn all you need to make your puppy part of your family, including house training, obedience training, crate training, how to walk on a leash, how to teach your dog good manners, and even how to teach your dog some cool tricks, too. This program is for anyone who wants to spend the time teaching their dog how to be really something special.

What Makes Dove’s Training So Special?

This is Dove Cresswell’s opening line: “Train your dog the same fast, effective, fun way a professional dogCrate Training Puppies trainer uses to train pet stars in film, television, and commercials…”

The first time I read that line I had to research further into her program of training to find out just how good she is and how effective her dog training approach was. I’m a perfectionist by heart, so it had to be effective, fast, fun and use a positive approach!

Here are some of the highlights and it all carries a full no questions asked money back guarantee.

  • It’s all presented in plain English.
  • Since the tone of voice you use when training your puppy is so important, you will HEAR exactly what to say and how to say it.
  • Each lesson is designed for everyone – from no previous dog training experience, to lots of dog and puppy training experience.
  • You’ll save hours of time NOT attending night school dog obedience classes with your pet. SPECIAL NOTE: Those lessons are often too long. Ideally, lessons should be short (15-25 minutes MAX).
  • Both you and your dog will look forward to these puppy training and dog training lessons because they are built around rewards, treats, and FUN!
  • All the information you, as a dog owner, need is available instantly in concise, simple, easy-to-follow steps.
  • The courses have been laid out in a way that you can go to specific sections of the Online Dog Training quickly to find out fast.
  • Each lesson is designed for everyday life with a dog, not a formal obedience, competition-style format.
  • Each lesson comes complete with pictures and audio. Key sections can be played over and over to ensure you gain a complete understanding.
  • There is no outdated information here. You get all the latest dog and puppy training methods. The same methods used in the film, television, and commercials.

Dove’s puppy training credentials are without reproach, she really knows her stuff from dog crate training through to covering all the basics and even the fun stuff like shake a paw or rollover. And you might think that if you have to get a dog ready to go on set in a movie and nail it first time that the trainer has mastered her proven techniques. You get a sample lesson to see and hear Dove’s style of dog and puppy training and there’s a full media interview if you want discover more about how her special lessons were developed.

Dove packs a lot into what is effectively at its core 7 basic dog and puppy training lessons and these lessons once learnt by your puppy set them up for life.

In minutes you can get started and quickly master:

How Good Are The Free Bonuses?

Crate Training For PuppiesThere are some really useful bonuses too. I look at bonuses to judge whether or not the proprietor is serious about their offer or just what I call ‘stuffing’ to make the offer look good. In this case I’ve been through all 8 bonuses and I’m pleased to say in my view 7 of the 8 are really useful.

The first bonus is direct personal contact with Dove which is great when you have a burning question. The second is teaching your dog to fetch which I think is vital for dogs to drain off energy and I taught my dog Rocco this method very early on because there’s nothing like a tired happy dog in the evening after a game of throw and fetch-no anxiety, no stress, no playing up and easy for you.

There are several bonuses on games you can teach your puppy, one on choosing the right toys for your puppy-more important than you might think! Bonus number 7 is key in my mind and something I’ve been doing for years and that’s pack leadership just like Cesar Milan. Here you will discover how to go about earning your dogs respect, a crucial element of puppy training. Take a tip from me and listen to this bonus first before commencing any training with your puppy including crate training puppies. Do this and the training becomes a breeze because you already have a puppy willing to learn from you, their leader.

The last bonus, number 8 steps into my core expertise, dog nutrition and while it’s ok for the basics, if you really want to understand how to have a permanently healthy maintenance free dog using natural dog food check out my reasons here.

Where Can You Buy It?

If you are interested in Dove Creswell’s dog and puppy training program, you can buy it online where all of the video files can simply be watched online. There is no need to wait for a DVD to come to your house. In other words, you can begin crate training puppies right away.

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