Aggressive Dog Training-How To Get Results Fast

Aggressive Dog TrainingDogs are not aggressive by nature, yet it seems that there will be times when your dog does get aggressive toward people or other dogs and will need aggressive dog training to channel that energy correctly. Some dogs are also more aggressive than others, and the first thing that you will need to do is determine the cause of their behavior.

Causes of Aggression

When you think about humans who are aggressive, it is often a result of past experiences they have or the way in which they perceive certain threats. There are also some humans who are just more naturally aggressive than others. The same can be said for dogs, however all dogs seek balance in line with nature which means we are the ones’ creating un-balanced dogs.

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The first key in aggressive dog training is trying to find out the source of the aggression. If you have a dog that is a rescue dog or one where you are unsure of the safety during its younger life, then their aggressive behavior may be a result of mistreatment. You should keep this in mind with whatever aggressive dog training you are utilizing.

Believe it or not, one of the most common causes of aggression in any dog is illness or pain. If you have a dog that is seemingly always on edge and ready to pick a fight, then taking it to a vet is not a bad idea. There may be an underlying cause that can be quickly addressed. Diet also plays a part in stressing a dog and causing dog aggression as commercial dog food may be unsuitable to its system, so check out natural dog food diets on this website.

First Rule Of Aggressive Dog Training

If your dog only acts aggressive when it is confronted by another dog, then it may be that they are trying to protect you or that they see the dog as a threat to their own safety and territory. There are several ways that you can combat this, but one thing that you don’t want to do is fight aggression with more aggression.

When your dog is angry or scared, the last thing that you want to do is frighten them further with punishment. There are ways that you can use more positive reinforcement as a means of keeping them in check.

Where to Find Resources

In general, most obedience training that you would get at your local pet store or dog training center don’t address dog training for aggressive dogs and this is unfortunate. But you can get more information on how to deal with your dog through an online book, called “Secrets to Dog Training” by Daniel Stevens. This is a unique product that long time dog training professional Daniel has created which concentrates on problem behaviors and includes information on how to cope with 25 of the most common behavioral issues found in dogs.

I love Secrets to Dog Training…  I have learned so much from your instructions, and my dogs are now following my commands and I am able to control them. Thanks for the great book.
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The book itself covers over 260 pages’ worth of information and has sold over 210,000 copies worldwide with a slew of positive testimonials to match, underlining its effectiveness and Daniels credentials as an experienced ‘positive methods’ dog trainer.

You will get the book in addition to a 30-minute video that shows you how to put the techniques into practice. Whether you are dealing with an aggressive dog, one that has bad habits, one that can’t be potty trained, or any number of situations, you will get to read and see in action the many ways to treat him.

Lyn and her BischonI purchased the Secrets to Dog Training after I acquired a second puppy that was seven weeks old. My first puppy a male then 14 months old was a little bit aggressive with her. Now my puppies eat, sunbake and play together very happily. I would recommend it to anyone who cares about their animals.
— Lyn Spain (Fortitude Valley, QLD, Australia

Guaranteed Results

Not many dog training techniques are guaranteed, but the methods for aggressive dog behavior training to be found in “Secrets to Dog Training” are. If you find that you can’t control your dog by using the techniques found in this book within the first 60 days, then you can return it for a full refund.

As a way to show you how the techniques and tips work, you can also sign up for the author’s free email course. This will give you more information on how to handle your dog, how to use positive reinforcement techniques to elicit the behavior that you want, and also how to create a happy and healthy relationship between you and your dog.

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