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Use The Safer Healthier 'Home Remedy' Option

All natural remedies for dogs with allergies, fleas & ticks, digestive troubles, arthritis, worms, diarrhea, leaky gut, hot spots, bad breath, yeast & fungal infections, kennel cough, blocked anal glands, diabetes, cancer

and much more..

"I am having lots of success with many of the remedies in your book!
Thank you for everything."

Julie V.

​Less Health Problems. Lower Vet Bills.

I'm sure that you’re highly committed to providing your dog – a loving and treasured member of your family – with a good home and lots of love.

However, you may be one of many pet owners who's dog has health problems with some of the following:

  • Skin allergies such ear infections or hot spots, mange, dull lifeless coat, excessive scratching, paw licking and heavy shedding all over your house.

  • Tummy or gut problems and your dog's sensitive, so diarrhea, constipation, yeast outbreaks, noxious gas and bad breath maybe an issue.

  • ​Maybe your dog is burdened with arthritis and in some discomfort, perhaps outright pain and you want so much for her to be healthier with more movement and much less pain.

  • Perhaps your dog has fleas, picks up ticks, perhaps gets ear mites and you want a reliable way to end the problem on your dog and around your home and yard.

  • Maybe it's worms you want rid of and you don't want to use those toxic meds from the vet - and I don't blame you!

  • Perhaps your dog lacks energy, feels just not right and has low immunity to kennel cough, flu or seasonal allergies with a dry nose and runny eyes.

  • Maybe your dogs fighting cancer, diabetes, liver disease, anal gland inflammation or chronic infections.
Home Remedies for Dogs Book by Dan Scott


Regrettably, veterinary medications consisting of antibiotics, steroids, costly tests and those high-priced prescription diets just aren't working.

​​​​Your dog still suffers from 'underlying health problems' that are upsetting and you want an answer that WORKS!

Dan Scott

How to fix your dogs health problems effectively AND have them stay healthy - no harsh drugs and without the big bills!

Yorkshire terrier

“I appreciate your help and cannot say enough good things about your book . 

The itching has subsided the past couple of days and the skin redness is gone too, Thanks a lot for everything Dan”

-Pouya Resaei.

The good news is..

​You can easily fix most of the health problems your dog has at home. And you're using natural remedies that are effective and gentle on your dog's system.

Before you know it, one by one, the health problems start to clear up and your dog is visibly healthier.

​What You'll Discover Inside Home Remedies for Dogs

How to Kill, Fleas, Ticks, Lice, Mites and Ringworm

An entire program for ridding your dog, your home and your yard of:

  • ​Fleas
  • Ticks
  • Roaches
  • Mange mites
  • Lice
  • Ringworm
  • Sand flies 

No more toxic 'spot on' drugs, just a safe, effective, economical natural remedy that works.

Natural Solutions That Work With Your Dog

Proven remedies for:

  • ​​All worms
  • ​Yeast infections
  • ​Hot spots
  • ​Digestive problems
  • ​Arthritis
  • ​Diarrhea
  • ​Cancer
  • ​Pain management
  • ​Allergies
  • ​Separation anxiety
  • ​​Bad breath
  • ​​Immune system support
  • ​Un-blocking anal glands
  • ​Bad gas
  • ​And many more...

I Show You The Remedy & Where to Easily Get It

It's one thing to tell you what works and another thing entirely when you have to go search for it yourself and find there's 27 options, not all created equal and it's a lottery figuring out which ones best.

​You'll value saving time, money and lots of head scratching knowing you got the right choice first time, so you can get on with fixing your dog.

Expert Nutrition Tips Important For Your Dog

You get lots of extra nutrition tips, handy hints and facts spread throughout the book to help you be more informed on what’s best for your dog.

"Often it's that one piece of really good dog health advice that makes all the difference!"

The Benefits of Proven & Scientifically Vallidated Natural Home Remedies...

  • How to naturally, safely and 100% effectively kill ALL the worms your dog has without resorting to highly toxic vet meds that can lead to seizures and must be avoided. Now your dogs worm free, safe and free of toxic synthetic drugs.
  • How to ease your senior dogs Arthritis, free up movement and reduce pain to put a spring back in your senior dogs step. ​Use the one natural remedy that will free up movement, ease pain and protect your dogs joints.
  • How to un-block your dogs Anal Glands and get them working normally again. Another natural option has proven effective at expressing the anal glands - just add to meals.
  • How to effectively fight Cancer on 6 levels! Inside there are 6 of natures most powerful anti-cancer remedies proven effective against various cancers, a formidable team!
Dog allergies
  • ​Use natures miracle Antibiotic. Replaces chemically harsh, indiscriminate bacteria killing and ineffective vet antibiotics.​Nature has a better answer!
  • ​The simple method to rid your dog of Skin Allergies for healthier skin and luxuriant coat health.
  • ​How and what to use to spring clean your dogs teeth, gums and breath... and stay clean without constant brushing.
  • ​Cut Yeast, Fungal Growth, Colds, Flu & Kennel Cough while boosting your dogs immune system so they don't return.
How to train the recall
  • ​All kibble only fed dogs have a very stressed and overworked Liver needing urgent help. There's one herb that will clean, clear and rejuvenate your dogs liver.
  • Digestion Problems & Leaky Gut are a huge health problem. Now you have a solution to fixing up Bad Gas, IBS, IBD, Colic, Indigestion, Sensitive Tummies and to Firm Up Stools.​ This means your dogs gastrointestinal system can work smoothly again clearing gas, discomfort and diarrhea problems.
  • ​How to solve Separation Anxiety, Tension, Travel Stress and Hyperactivity so now your dog feels better, more relaxed and more able to cope with anxious behavior or being left alone.
parvo in puppies
  • ​And much more...

You'll Also Receive This Bonus

​16 Ways to Effectively Boost Your Senior Dogs Health

Senior dog

The 16 best, most powerful but easiest ways to effectively boost your senior dogs health and have them acting and feeling young again.

​Your senior dog needs gentle but effective home remedy help. 

Watch as your senior dogs health transforms within weeks. It's such a wonderful feeling to have a simple solution and know your older dogs health is getting better by the day.

What customers are saying...

I got your book immediately and have followed it precisely. I really like your attitude and your advice, and I am so thankful that your book is out

Judith R.

Thank you... You are awesome in all that you do for pet owners.

Carmelita Z.

My male is looking amazingly good... His digestion issues 100% GONE!
My female bully... same amazing looks... zero ear infections...

Chris B.

Dan, wow what great customer service !!! And you are truly SOOO good at what ya do ;) great attitude great rapport w clients and great on video!!!

But thank you again for all of your hard work and dedication to helping animals!!!:).
This means a ton!!! I have told a few of my fellow pet owner buddies of your program and they are checking ya out too!! Thanks again, Robin

Robin M.

I haven’t seen any digestion issues with either my Border Collie or Min-Pin Pomeranian.

The main change is how they have both stopped scratching and they do have much better breath.

Everthing else: teeth, coat, breath, weight etc. all are way better

Robert N. L.

I can tell you that now I know that I'm doing right by my little loves it has made me very very happy.

Teresa H.

He (Buddy) is back in full swing and even better energy on our walks than before!'ve been my voice of true reason I have not found here on my continent! I am truly grateful!...

I will continue faithfully following your advice and Buddy especially thanks you profusely!

My deepest gratitude to you! ... I have gotten so much mis-information and information directly conflicting between different vets, it’s incomprehensible.

Rebecca A.

I strongly believe following your feeding advice was the foundation to her wellness despite her illness (diabetes).

So thank you again for being a dog lover and sharing your knowledge to help improve the health of dogs everywhere."

Gillian F.

Pepper and Lucy is doing great... we are seeing great signs of healing now. Thank the Lord.


Dear Dan, thank you so much for your help, you have made me feel so much better…

Martin T. H.

Just wanted to take a minute to thank you for all of your time, education & directions guiding two dog owners who didn't have a clue.

I know Bella is so much better off and she seems so much calmer, she wasn't a stressed out dog, but a better energy/calmer.

If you ever need any endorsements or supportive reviews, please let us know, it's the least we can do.

David & Jamie

Dan really knows what he is talking about, has been supportive, encouraging and always accessible every time I’ve had a question, pointing me in the right direction each time.

Cherie Concannon

His hair started to grow back within a week and a few weeks later his coat became really glossy...

I also noticed he was now more defined and looking better than ever

Daria Epstein

Thank you so much! I appreciate you helping me! Your help is priceless and I hope to return the kindness to you somehow!

My dog is doing great!

Please let me know if theres anything I can do for you!

JoAn S.

I love your straight forward no nonsense approach, it made the whole process easy to understand...

Within just a few weeks the gas stopped, his doggy breath cleared up, the shedding stopped and the diarrhea's gone too.

Julie Hayes

I can’t thank you enough for your assistance!


So far everything is doing great... Mika - the Great Dane with cancer has been doing great.. so signs of worsening and none of pain... she actually has more energy to play now.... will continue with this as all of our dogs have done really well...

Donna B

Thanks for all your help thus far. I am having lots of success with many of the remedies in your book!
Thank you for everything.

Julie V

I wish I knew about it sooner.

When I think of how long I could have prolonged my other animals lives, had I only researched better : (.

Susan K.

Your excellent information literally saved my dogs life...

John Bailey

Wilbur and Buster are doing great… Thanks so much for your help.

For what it's worth, you changed my life with your wisdom. Wilbur literally was rescued from a certain unnecessary early demise.

Carrie F.

Thank you so much for wanting to help me. With all my heart I hope we can beat this horrible disease.

Jacqueline B.

First and Foremost, Your passion and relentless dedication to the health and happiness of dogs is simply the BEST!

Jim Northeim

I appreciate your help and cannot say enough good things about your book and program.

​Thank you for everthing and all the help, Pouya.

Pouya Rezaei

Thank you for sharing your knowledge with your fellow dog-owners in the rest of the world.

​Eagle already seems happier, peppier and more loving. …not leaving globs of hair on the carpet and his teeth look better already.

Susan H.

Just wanted to let you know things are going good! Addie loves the new diet
And can't wait to eat... Just wish I stated it sooner!
Thanks for your help

Jill & Dave C.

I just had the 3 at my brothers (veterinarian) for their check up. All is very good. He was surprised at how well there teeth and gums looked.

My 9 yr old acting more like a pup than ever. Thanks, Loren


You are the greatest!

So glad you are helping so many people feed their dogs with healthy, non chemical natural food.

I love to watch my dogs as they rush to eat food that they really love.


Robin, Bill and the Kids

Robin Parlee

Lola loves her new food, and has a lot more energy.

Doris A.


Dan Scott

Dan, is an experienced dog nutrition and home remedy specialist of 15+ years, helping thousands of dog owners around the world discover the effective, natural, simple, low cost and swift solutions to having a healthy, happy and low maintenance dog for life.

"I really enjoy bringing you home remedies that are effective, backed by good science but also kind to your dogs system.

​Home Remedies for Dogs is a must have solution that benefits all dogs and the ideal low cost convenient way to solve multiple health problems at home while keeping your dog protected longer term."

Dan Scott

Get a healthier dog 12 weeks from now
or your money back!

My guarantee is SIMPLE.

I want your dog to have a shot at great all round health long term and you feeling good you did this for them plus save a fortune in vet bills.

I absolutely guarantee Home Remedies For Dogs will transform the health of your dog for the better. Your dogs health quickly improves and the health problems they currently face begin to fade fast.

And now your dogs healthier and happier we're both happier. And I'm so confident that Home Remedies For Dogs will help your dog that if you go through the information, apply it to your dog over the next 12 weeks and don't get the results you want, just shoot me a quick email and I'll refund you 'no questions asked'.


Are the remedies easy to find?

What format does the book come in?

Have a concern or question you need an quick answer too?

Home Remedies for Dogs Book by Dan Scott
​How to fix your dogs health problems effectively AND have them stay healthy without switching diets, without harsh drugs and without the big bills!
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Let me show you how to fix your dogs health complaints with proven, scientifically validated and effective home remedies. 

Together with the ebook Feed Your Dog Better, you now have a truly effective combination your dog will benefit from.

​It’s the first step you can take to ensure that your furry children are getting the healthier home remedy choices they need and very much deserve.

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